Why I Love Black Vagina… (And You Should Too!) by Nova Giovanni

Hello, loyal reader. In an effort to further engage you all, I’ll
occasionally share some of my favorite discoveries with you.
Today, I will delve into the Black vagina (not literally, though I
wish). More specifically, the Black woman’s vagina. No offense to
vaginas of other creeds and origins, but this certain
type of vagina happens to be my preference. I will inform you on what
I’ve learned through hands on and face to face interactions with the
Black vagina. It is definitely one of the finest creations to ever
grace the face of the earth, as well as my face.

First, to understand the Black vagina – we must first understand some
of the history surrounding it. Many years of African-American struggle
has caused the Black woman’s vagina to gain tension and techniques
therein. Therefore, her cooter cat has a special ability that
scientists can’t explain. She has the ability to tightly tighten her
vaginal muscles at a moment’s notice, causing a vacuum seal. This
talent she bears is especially desired by her male counterparts during
sexual gratification. The Black woman’s constricting love muscle has
been compared to the powerful prowess of a pit bull’s jaws.

Even more impressive than the Black vagina’s muscular ability is its
impeccable taste. It is NO coincidence that when you part the royal
lips- it resembles neapolitan ice cream. However, THIS strawberry and
chocolate blend is constructed in a more beautiful sequence than
Haagen Daz could EVER imagine producing. Being low in preservatives
and high in nutrients, it is INDEED a healthy and fulfilling snack. Nova Knows.

That is all I can share for now. The excitement of just writing about such a subject is too much for my loins. Thank you for reading.

Side Effects: May cause sleepiness, child support, and distraction
from goals. Please consult a doctor before over-indulging. If you are
a punk and have symptoms of punkism, Black vagina may NOT be for you
(Notable examples: O.J. Simpson, Kobe Bryant).

I Love You,

Nova Giovanni

Twitter- @NovaGiovanni
FaceBook- Nova Giovanni
Google+ – Nova Giovanni


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21 responses to “Why I Love Black Vagina… (And You Should Too!) by Nova Giovanni

  1. I must agree with you my friend when i find that performing cunning-lings on the mesmerizing royal vagina it truly is like icecream it frezzez my brain but i cant stop and when she’s had enough i find my self wanting more

  2. I love black pussy because the taste is like no other n just watching my white cock slide in n out of the dark lips n seeing how pink n sweet it is damn good wish I had me a black girl on my face now

  3. Black women are sweet. What makes them so is simply their shape and lighter skin color from the knees but next to the vagina a dark color emerges the interior becomes reddish showing how ripe it is.

  4. I fucked one yesterday . But unlike white woman I could play with her labia first and slide my fingers into her moist inner . I rubbed the dark shaved mound and caressed her body sucking her dark nipples until they were erect and hard . Eventually I slid my rock hard cock slowly and watched it disappear deep into her before I started stroking her . Then I pulled her on top of me with those big round tits bouncing around with their hard black nipples like ripe mulberries , and let her pussy pull and push until I exploded in a massive orgasm deep inside her . I just had to share this as it was such a fantastic erotic fuck that I see it multiple times in my day . To see my white coch penetrating that dark mount splitting it open and revealing the pink within . I am definitely going to fuck more black women . They are open to any suggestion and do not moan and bitch when you feel , touch and play with their vagina’s . We should have a club for guys like us to share our experiences and pics ?.

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