An Open Letter To Your Online Persona

Dear Online Character,

I know your type quite well. You log on the internet with your fabricated personality, either spreading inspirational quotes or putting down others. WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Do you even KNOW who YOU are, or are you beginning to believe your own hype?

You’ve even went as far as creating a blog that NOBODY checks for, where you write about your life that NOBODY cares about. Even your fictional stories about your own life aren’t interesting enough to hold an audience.

These people online are NOT your friends. With friends, you can share your good AND bad qualities. While online, you only share your good sides and MAKE UP a better side of yourself. A better side of yourself, that’s STILL not YOU. Therefore, its NOT a better side of yourself. It’s a faker side of your ALREADY fake self.

You are quick to give advice to others on their situations, while YOUR situation is fucked up. How dare you, bitch? Have you been living your online personality’s life so long that you have split personalities? When you meet someone in the real world, do you introduce yourself as your online login name too?

I pray for you. I don’t pray for you to gain knowledge. I pray for you to die a fast death. With global warming, oxygen is a commodity. There is no reason or use for YOU… THE BOLD, THE FAKE…

-Sincerely Yours,
Nova Giovanni