10 Reasons Why You’re Not Husband Material by AppleBum (@AppleJuice_804)

1. You have communication issues – Neither of us are mind readers.. neither of us will always be right. Realize that shit. Take credit when you’re wrong and stop thinking every time I want to talk it means I want to argue.

2. You think I’m your Mama – If you want everything done like your mama, then go move back in with her. Don’t compare me to your mama, you know you’re the only man in her life anyway.

3. You play the game too much – if you’re not watching a game on TV, you’re playing one on the Xbox. Your friends are always over the house and you got my couch looking like its smiling. You promised to call rent-a-center for a new one months ago.

4. You can’t control your eyes – You hate it even when you THINK another man is eyeballing me.. but you don’t think I see you look at every ass that passes when we’re out. I shouldn’t notice the rudeness.

5. You know I’ll only ask once -And its certain things my man is suppose to do for me. So keep in mind, what you’re not willing to do… yeah you know the rest.

6. You always wanna play “at home barber” – I’m sick of you trying to line yourself up in between hair cuts. You’re fucking up your hair line.

7. You can’t handle your liquor – You don’t know the difference between tipsy and drunk. I can’t go anywhere with you and have a nice talk and drink in public.

8. You’d rather be with your friends than me – I don’t complain though. I find things to do instead but you get pissed when I do. You want me to sit at the crib while you’re out so you can brag to the lonely fools about having me sitting there. Hell no.

9. You have your priorities out of order – You stay coming up short on your half of the bills or late and your excuse is it slips your mind. But you can remember when the new Call Of Duty came out… you knew when the latest Jordans were being released.. you buy them all on time.

10. You are selfish – All you care about is yourself and you want someone to cater to you and your every emotion but you don’t do the same in return. Maybe you should be with “yourself”…

Sincerely Yours,