Can Chris Brown Live? Celebrities Are Not Gods by Nova Giovanni

First of all, if you’ve never made mistakes – this article isn’t for you and you can quit reading now. Okay, since you’re here – lets get straight into it. CAN CHRIS BROWN LIVE? Or can ANY celebrity live for that matter? In this day and age, it seems as if we’re putting popular people on a higher standard of morals than we’re putting ourselves. Sure, Breezy messed up – but who hasn’t. Don’t you hate when you get into an argument with somebody and they keep bringing up OLD things? Me too. I don’t even want anyone bringing up my mistakes from last month, let alone years ago.

I believe the problem is that we admire people we don’t know instead of admiring what THEY DO. I don’t know Chris Brown, so I don’t admire HIM. However, I admire his music. I’m not angry with Charlie Sheen for snorting a sandbox of cocaine. When R. Kelly urinated on that girl scout, I wasn’t disappointed at all because I don’t admire HIM. When T.I. was on national television kissing Tiny, I wasn’t too nauseous because I have no expectations of him. When Tiger Woods was caught with all those women he picked up at a truck stop, I wasn’t moved at all.

Instead of looking up to people on television who dance with the stars, perhaps we give more support to the people in our communities. Support the teachers that educate our children. Support the doctors that save lives. Support the trash man that keeps our community clean.

Entertainers don’t owe us anything, but ENTERTAINMENT. I don’t care if Chris Brown punches puppies and chokes kittens in his spare time- as long as he makes good music.

Look up to God, not man. Because man will let you down EVERY time.

Chris Brown… F.A.M.E. ….In Stores NOW!!!

I love you all,

   Nova Giovanni

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