10 Signs That You’re A Bad Parent By Nova Giovanni

10 Signs You’re A Bad Parent

1. Others spend more time with your kid than you do. Your child calling the babysitter “ma” is unacceptable.

2. You spend so much time away from your child that you can see their growth spurts. “Damn, you’ve gotten tall!!!”

3. You blame everyone except for yourself for your child’s behavioral problems. “I don’t know why he fights so much. We need to cut back on those video games”

4. If you’re your child’s FRIEND – you’re a bad parent. Your child doesn’t need any more friends. Your child needs a role model.

5. You can name the price of every shoe you want, but don’t know what kind of grades your child is getting in school.

6. If your child is obese, you’re a bad parent. Yes, I said it. Your child doesn’t have the intellect to control their own diet. You do.

7. If your child is old enough to have friends and you don’t know any of them by name- you’re a bad parent. Maybe, you’ll learn their names when they are all cellmates.

8. Your child is getting in trouble for cursing in school. You say, “Its that music and those movies”… NO!!! Idiot, you need to stop cursing at your child when you’re angry. No 3 year old should be cursed at!!!

9. Where is your child RIGHT NOW? If you don’t know – you’re a bad parent.

10. If who you are now isn’t who you want your child to be… you’re a bad parent!!!! The WORST of parents.

I love you,
Nova Giovanni