Why Do Women Hate Each Other? by Nova Giovanni

Why do some of you women hate each other? This must be addressed. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a woman say “I don’t get along with other females” – I’d be able to buy enough McChicken sandwiches to feed China. I mean, come on – how can you say you don’t get along with other women? That’s about half the world you don’t get along with- more than three billion people! So, are you saying that you automatically dislike someone because they have a vagina as well? I’d hate to see how you’d react to seeing someone wearing the same shoes you have on.

If you can’t get along with someone solely because of their estrogen level, maybe something is wrong with YOU. Perhaps you should expand your mind and meet some new people. Better yet, it might be best for you to improve YOURSELF. You say “other women are nothing but drama”, but maybe YOU attract drama. You’re probably the cause of the drama and need to take more responsibility for your dramatic antics. When you give attention to negativity and pre-judge others, you’re only neglecting yourself. Stop the gossiping, complaining, and brush your teeth more often. Witness your life change before your baggy eyes. Nova knows…

I Love You,

     Nova Giovanni