A Love Poem For Rihanna by Nova Giovanni

Rihanna, Rihanna…

Will you be my babymama?

I’ll sex you on your cycle. Turn that period into a comma.

I’m not for all the drama- so, forget about your past.

I’m lightskinned and from Virginia- but, I won’t beat your ass.

Oh! Rihanna, Rihanna

Will you be my lady?

I heard Island women are wild- let’s drive each other crazy.

Nothing good comes from being lazy- so, let’s not waste time.

I KNOW you want me too. Staring at your forehead- I can read your mind.

Ooooh! Rihanna, Rihanna!!!

Will you be my wifey?

Why won’t you answer? Bitch! You don’t like me?…

You’ve got nude pics out like every other chick. Don’t act stuck up!

In fact, forget it! Now, I see… why… you… got… fucked… up!

Please write me back,

                 Nova Giovanni