If You Want To Be His Spouse, Don’t Play House by Nova Giovanni

Hello, ladies. Are you the ‘wifey without a ring’? A pawn playing the part of a queen? Until you’re married, you’re no more than a friend with a title. Hence, the titles – girlFRIEND and BoyFRIEND. That means whenever things get rocky, neither one of you are obligated to work it out. After he’s left you flat broke and heartbroken, its on to a new woman. So, allow for me to turn you from victim to victor. After reading this, you can’t use the excuse – “I didn’t know any better”.

Woe to you, young lady. You’re complacent without a real commitment. Content with being called ‘wifey’ and having your own side of the bed. He’s controlling YOUR television, remote in hand – forcing you to watch ESPN for hours on end. But, you’re just happy to spend time with ‘him’. Right? Wrong! You’re preparing mashed potatoes and steaks for a situation only worthy of french fries and steak-ums. Instead of celebrating relationship milestones, you felt closer to him when you two stopped using condoms. Smarten up, lady. While you’re washing his clothes, you’re hanging yourself out to dry. Don’t be a fool all of your life.

Ask yourself this – why would he marry you, when you’re ALREADY performing all of your wifely duties? Why buy the George Foreman grill when he gets your fur-burger for free – and you prepare it for him with all the toppings? Relationships are like economics, it works by providing incentives. Us men need a REASON to move things to the next level. “If you want to get with THIS, you’ve got to get with THAT.”

Right now, think of yourself as a rental car. If he can drive you around for free, why would he pay installments on you to own? Like a rental car, he isn’t going to invest too much into you. No one gets a rental car and puts rims on it or new speakers installed.. The same goes for you playing a role above your capacity. What he’s putting into your relationship is no more than the equivalent of putting music CDs into a rental car. When its time to turn that car back in, everything he put into it – he can leave with it. Beautiful woman, you’re worth more than that. Your time is to be BOUGHT, not BORROWED.

I Love You,

         Nova Giovanni


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