Dear Donald Trump, FUCK YOU!!! by Nova Giovanni


Dear Donald Trump,

     FUCK YOU!!! No, really!!! FUCK YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR!!! You’ve got some nerve, you know that? After I defended you when you referred to Blacks as ‘The Blacks’. I know I just said ‘Blacks’, but that is okay because I’M BLACK! I dismissed that as, “maybe he just talks like that”. I said to myself, “he’s not an ignorant old hag, he has Lil Jon on his show”. But, no – I now realize you have a whole agenda. I can’t believe you! I feel so betrayed. I even own one of your books, ‘Trump – The Art of The Deal’. NO, I didn’t BUY it – I STOLE it. Because, that’s what you would expect a ‘Black’ to do!

     Now, you’re all on day time television with your antics. NBC gives you a whole hour of television EVERY Sunday! Man, FUCK YOU AND YOUR ANTICS. I’m hassling Barack Obama – trying to get some REAL shit done, and you’re blocking my process with YOUR hassling! You are IN THE WAY of progress, Donald! You want to see Barack Obama’s birth certificate? Well, we want to see some citizenship papers for the sack of Persian cat whiskers you have sitting on top of your head! He presents the birth certificate, and NOW you want to see his COLLEGE INFORMATION? You’ll NEVER be satisified, you fucking chickenhead!

    You’re a DIVA, Donald. That’s what you are – ‘Donald The Fuckin’ Diva’!!! All on the news like your Freddy Kruger face is what we want to see first thing in the morning. You inconsiderate motherfucker, my six year old daughter accidentally saw your Rated R face! Now, she has nightmares and cries in her sleep while mumbling “I’m not fired, I’m not fired’. Oooooh! I hate your guts! I want to visit Trump Tower and take a shit right on the receptionist’s desk. FUCK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Good Luck On Your Campaign,

Nova Giovanni

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