Insecure People Should STAY SINGLE! By Nova Giovanni

Hello, loyal reader. Aren’t you tired of the arguing about NOTHING? Your significant other (S.O.) claiming you’re doing things you would never THINK of doing? Being accused of doing things with people you haven’t even thought of doing anything with? I get it. It was kind of cute at first because that’s how you knew they cared. The fussing, yelling & meaningless debates. It starts out as entertaining – but, it gets very old VERY fast.

Every time a member of the opposite sex (or same sex for my homosexual readers) makes a wall post on your Facebook page, your girlfriend/boyfriend questions you about them. “Who is that?”…”Where do you know them from?”… “Did you have sex with them?”… then, what do they do? They add them to THEIR Facebook page to monitor your interactions.  OR Perhaps, they follow them on Twitter to do the same. Do they go through your phone, invading your privacy and proving their distrust of you? That is WACK! SUPER WACK! YOU DESERVE BETTER!

First of all, if someone asks you if you’ve had sex with someone without knowing the situation – they think you’re a hoe! Point blank, period. Why would you want to be with someone that thinks so lowly of you? Leave them. Right now! Don’t wait until you’re finished reading this. Make it up in your mind that you’re better than that. Seriously. Have you made that up in your mind? Okay, good. Lets proceed.

Second, perhaps they come back and tell you what their FRIENDS (so-called friends) say regarding you. Tisk, tisk, tisk… They may be severely insecure if their friends’ bad advice is held on the same level as YOUR words. You should ALWAYS be first. Their friends are mostly likely lonely, miserable & deadbeats. What does that say about your S.O.’s (significant other’s) opinion of YOU if it’s held at the same esteem?

Even worse, they have NO REASON at all to make assumptions. They just imagine things and accuse you of them. Do you know what that means? It means they have too much free time on their hands and aren’t headed anywhere in life. If they were busy focused on improving their own situation, they wouldn’t have time to hassle you with their imaginary scenarios. Nova Knows…

Do you get it yet? Their insecurities are less about you & MORE about them. They need to handle THEIR issues before getting into a relationship. This is the planet Earth & you will come in contact with attractive people EVERY DAY. If they can’t deal with that without starting an argument about it, they aren’t worthy of your love. Who wants to argue every day? Pecking at each other all day is for the birds. A relationship should always compliment things more than it complicates things. Therefore, insecure people deserve to STAY single. What do you think?

I Love You,

Nova Giovanni

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