Crabs In A Bucket: Who Are The Crabs In YOUR Life? by Nova Giovanni

Hello, loyal reader. Do you have a crab mentality? Perhaps, the people you surround yourself with have crab mentalities. Some of you may not know what that means, so I’ll explain in a story.

I was around twelve years old, playing on the beach – drawing in the sand with a stick. A man who I had never seen before in my life stopped to ask me what I was drawing. I informed him that I was just doodling random patterns. Then, I noticed he was carrying a bucket. A bucket filled with crabs. He asked if I knew how to make a sand castle. I told him I didn’t and he volunteered to show me how. The stranger put his bucket down and kneeled down beside me. I said to him, “Your bucket doesn’t have a top on it! Aren’t you afraid your crabs are going to get out while you’re playing in the sand with me?!” He grinned and replied, “You don’t know about crabs, do you? It doesn’t need a top. You see, they will NEVER get out of that bucket.” At that point, I was beyond confused. I turned my head to the side like a curious puppy and asked him, “Why not?!”… He answered by saying, “Because as SOON as one crab is almost out of the bucket, another crab will grab him and pull him back down!”

Now, I ask you – Are you a crab? Furthermore, do you have crabs in your life holding you back from greater things? Even worse, are you even TRYING to climb out of the bucket you’re in?

The only way for this essay to be effective is to identify the crabs, because it may be hard. I know some of your friends may smell like they’ve been washed ashore on a desolate beach. But, that’s not what we’re looking for.

First of all, lets discuss the dream killers. For, they are crabs indeed. You know who they are. When you come up with an idea or goal and share it with them, they discourage you. They tell you what you can’t do or why you can’t do it. It’s probably because they don’t have enough ambition or optimism to achieve their OWN goals. Worse yet, they don’t even HAVE goals. They are content with everything AS IS, from the smallest to the biggest things. If they eat Top Ramen Noodles every day and aren’t even trying to move up to Cup Of Noodles – get rid of them.

This brings me to my second point. Are you surrounding yourself with people who are at a stalemate in life and content with it? It’s a proven fact that success surrounds itself with success. That can only mean that failure surrounds itself with failure. For someone to hold you back, you have to STAY back with them. No company is better than bad company any day. Instead of gossiping and going to clubs multiple times a week, surround yourself with people who discuss ideas and participate in activities involving progress. You don’t want to be 45 years old, with that same friend – sharing one cigarette and going half on a 12 pack of Miller High Life.

Last of all, perhaps you surround yourself with the jealous crab. They are fine with you as long as you’re both in the same position. As soon as you make any sort of growth in life, they say things like “you’re changing” or “you think you’re better than me now?”… NO! You’re SUPPOSED to change. It is said that “anything that isn’t growing, is dead”… and NO! YOU don’t think you’re better than them. Obviously THEY have a self-esteem problem and feel inferior. Furthermore, maybe they try to use all of YOUR new resources. You get a new car? They want to ride for free. You get a new job? They expect for you to pay for the both of you. Shake that crab off of you, shake that crab now.

In conclusion, who are the crabs in YOUR life? Friends, family members or are you your own biggest crab? Okay, now that you know – what are you going to do about it?

Nova Knows…

I Love You,
Nova Giovanni
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