SOUND OFF!!! Guest Blog: “Why I Don’t Want Black Vagina” by @Blame_OJ

Foreword by Nova Giovanni: The ideas expressed in this article are those of OJ Love alone. They are NOT the thoughts and/or views of Nova Giovanni, his affiliates or sponsors. I (Nova Giovanni) LOVE Black women and have always wondered how a Black man could justify not loving them HALF as much as I do. Luckily, I came across OJ Love. He was willing to share his point of view with me. Perhaps, it will quell some of your curiosities also. You don’t get angry at Peter Jennings for reporting bad news, do you? Well, don’t get angry at me for this. I’m just a messenger.

Why I Don’t Want Black Vagina by OJ Love

Why is it that chicks value cooking a meal for a man more than giving him some vagina? You’ll let a person enter your body, but wont drop a pork chop in some grease?
You’ll have unprotected sex with strange men but can’t slide a digiorno in the oven and have a pleasant conversation?

I’m no stranger to the struggle, cut you some hot dogs up in them ramans and tell me about your goals and dreams. I think Black chicks think that going to the club rarely makes them wife material.
Black chicks say we have a lot of expectations. I have 3:
1- put food on stove.
2- remove it before it burns.
3- keep your vagina to yourself.

I guess a chick would rather have sex with a man before he loses interest than cook for him and he loses interest. You’re most likely never going to marry and will die alone.
Black chicks don’t like to be the reason why their man smiles. A happy man is no good for the drama fueled black woman.

I see Black chicks talk about how they pissed a man off and now “he on his period”. But, I NEVER hear them brag about making his day! You all love to justify unhealthy behavior. I’ve never seen a Black chick apologize for anything. Black chicks don’t fall in love. Black chicks get fat and fall in love with their curves.

I’ve been given up on the urban dwelling African critters. I’m just trying to show you whats up for my brothers in the struggle. Black chicks, I say what they can’t because I don’t want your vagina. Ever since I’ve started living the non-Black lifestyle, I’ve been the happiest man on earth.

Furthermore, Black chicks’ hair stinks. Weave is never attractive. Get the fuck off the sink. If you have two kids by two different men, you’re going in the “hoe-file” of my memory. Use your inside voice, inside. Designs on your fingernails makes u a hoodrat by definition.

I wanna see some ass, you wanna see some cash. I get it, you’re a prostitute

I can say what they won’t because I don’t want any black coochie.

P.S. – You’re probably going to bring my mother up, but she’s still married to the man she had me and my sister with, finished school at a HBCU, traveled the world, while maintaining a career and cooked for her family every evening, you are most likely NOT her.

Sincerely Yours,

Twitter – @TheOJ_Love

Endnote by Nova Giovanni: Again these are the thoughts of OJ Love alone (& perhaps OJ SIMPSON also). I don’t agree with his points, but what do YOU think? Leave comments on this post (NOT on Twitter. I will not respond). OR if you would like to write a rebuttal, send it to & I’ll happily post it as a guest blog (if its interesting).

Thank you.