Don’t Try To Repair That Hoe, SHARE That Hoe! By Nova Giovanni

Hello, Brother. Aren’t you tired of chasing that hoe around and inquiring to her every activity? What do you call yourself doing by wifing up that hoe? Are you running some kind of hoe reform clinic? Have you created some type of 12 step program at your hoe haven you call a home?

I know she has some interesting reasons as to why she pursued a life of hoedom. She most likely says her father wasn’t in her life and he’s the reason she became a hoe. Think for a minute. How can somebody that DOESN’T exist in your life push you to do ANYTHING? Hoe logic doesn’t make sense to a sensible person. It doesn’t even make sense to a hoe. Hoes don’t want to make sense, hoes just want to make lust to random people.

But, what are YOU doing? You’ve fell into the hoe trap and now you think you can change her ways. Face it, she can’t morph from a hoe into a Queen. She’s a maggot, not a caterpillar. Therefore, she can only become an annoying housefly – never a beautiful butterfly. She’s not attracted to the beautiful flower-like things in life. She’s attracted to shit.

Now, you’re wasting your valuable time trying to keep tabs on this hoe because you can’t trust her moves. You can’t even take a peaceful nap without jumping up and wondering who SHE may be napping with. Don’t worry, brother – hoes don’t take naps. Hoes don’t sleep, hoes creep. That hoe is going to try to convince you she’s changing. She isn’t. Hoes don’t even change their underwear. Most hoes don’t EVEN wear panties. That hoe has you convinced that she’s going to Bible study, but she throws that Bible under her seat like an illegal gun and drives to the nightclub. In the club, she flashes her breasts for free drinks and walks around barefoot, yelling loudly like the untrained hyena she is.

You can’t change that hoe. So, you might as well EXCHANGE that hoe. That’s right. Network with your friends and borrow each other’s hoes like you did video games in middle school. Trade that hoe like Upper Deck basketball cards. Share that hoe like a blunt. You might as well, since everybody else in your circle is going to hit it anyway (think about it). Nova Knows…

I Love You,

Nova Giovanni

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