Why Black Sons Need Black Fathers by Nova Giovanni

From the book, “The MisEdukation of the Nigga” by Nova Giovanni (coming soon)

Hello, Loyal Readers. With the popularity of my article, ‘Why Daughters Need Daddys’ (featured on the Russ Parr Morning Show, many websites, etc.) there has been a high demand for me to write an article from the opposite angle. Therefore, I present ‘Why Black Sons Need Black Fathers’…

My fellow men, we have all witnessed this before. Walking into a public restroom and out of our peripheral vision seeing a guy with his boxer drawers at his knees and his ass exposed at the urinal. We rightly assume that women potty trained him. A man would have taught the aforementioned male that either use your boxer hole to piss out of, or urinate to where you don’t have your underwear at your knees.

Furthermore, look at the current state of a lot of men these days. They spend their time gossiping, talking on the phone about idle issues, in the mirror beautifying themselves, and watching reality television (the new age version of soap operas). What does that sound like to you? I’ll tell you what it is – WOMANLY habits!

It is far deeper than that. It started with slavery. The slave masters would separate the fathers from their families/children. Only having them around women to raise them, attempting to give them more feminine and docile traits – avoiding an uprising. Furthermore, the Black man was humiliated and demeaned in front of the Black woman and child to discourage them from reaching for greater goals. Compare that to today. Watch any crime show, and 75% of the time,  a Black man is the criminal – even though our race only makes up 18% of the U.S.’s population.

If our Black sons aren’t raised or influenced by positive Black men, it is easy for the media to convince them that their fate is either being a lifetime criminal or a rapper who glamorizes criminal activity. We can’t expect for them to reach for something that they’ve been told all their lives are outside of their reach. Furthermore, the music and media glamorized by our own peers and pushed by people without our best interests at heart tell us that being a criminal is cool. After the arrests, the only people who really profit are the people who hate us (police, judges, etc.)…

Our Black men are running around getting their eyebrows arched, wearing pastel colors, skinny jeans, & facial piercings. Where did we go wrong? When did Black men start emulating women? Perhaps, that is all they have had available to see and imitate.

Solution: I present this realistic challenge to the positive Black men reading this… lets become role models to the young men in our communities who currently have no positive role model. We need to stop demeaning our Black women in front of young men. Keeping those thoughts to ourselves; even if they are true. Let us make it OUR goal to stop the cycle of creating irresponsible, criminal-minded, woman hating men. Nova Knows…

I Love You,

Nova Giovanni


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