Single & Lonely Hoes Turn Their Friends Into Single & Lonely Hoes!!! by Nova Giovanni

Hello, young lady. Psssst! Pssssst!… come closer. I have something to tell you. Lean over, so I can tell you in your right ear. STOP TAKING ADVICE FROM YOUR SINGLE, LONELY FRIENDS!!!


Come on, Love. You know MUCH better than that! Why do you keep listening to your raggedy ass friends who seem to have all the answers, but can’t solve their OWN problems? Think logically for a few minutes. They don’t even know how to GET a good man – how the HELL can they tell you the RIGHT way to keep a good man. In fact, do they even know what a good man is? Your low-budget friends probably put all these ideas of standards into your head, but what kind of men do you see THEM with? Are they practicing what they are preaching? Probably not.


Look at it this way, if your man is trying – he is a good man. Have 5 standard things about the man you want. Now, he doesn’t have to meet all 5 of those expectations. That would be damn near impossible. If your man is working with 3 and a probable – that is pretty good. Your friends are constantly telling you about the perfect man. The perfect man doesn’t exist, and if he did – I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want ANY of those skeezers. Nova Knows…


Intelligent lady, step back, look at what your friends SAY and compare it to what they DO. They probably party a lot, live for, and look forward to the weekends. If you have a good man, you can look forward to EVERY day. Sure, they make it seem like its fun – but, its NOT! On weekday nights while you’re “boo-loving”, you know what your relationship expert friends are doing? They are laying in a fetal position under their lint-ridden blanket, eating peanut butter cookies, and watching Basketball Wives. While you cuddle with Craig, they are cuddling with crumbs. Keep on listening to them, and you’ll all be in the club together at 40 years old, dressed like teenagers, and looking for love in all the wrong places.


I’ve presented the problem, now its time to present the solution. The change starts with YOU. Those scandalous scallywags can’t say much about something they know nothing about. STOP TELLING THEM YOUR BUSINESS!!! I learned a long time ago not to tell my problems to someone who can’t help me with them. If you’re telling someone that CAN help, its explaining. When you tell someone that CAN’T help, its complaining. Before my great-grandparents passed, they were married to each other for around 70 years. My Great Grandmother would tell me, “make sure your spouse is your best friend.” Well, in that case – the opinions of your bitter, bitchy friends shouldn’t hold half the weight as the person you’re involved with anyway. Can I get an “AMEN” ?!?!


Tell those hoes, “get your mind right, or get LEFT!!!” –Martin Luther King Jr. to Coretta Scott King


I Love You,
            Nova Giovanni

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