Justifiable Homicide: Modern Day Lynching by Nova Giovanni

I read somewhere recently:
“According to the dictionary, the term “justifiable homicide” means whatever is justifiable is excusable. It is excusable because it is justified by the principle of justice. The term “homicide” means the murder of one human being by another.
Whenever you put these two words together, “justifiable homicide,” there has to be a body of persons in a deliberative process that determines on the basis of fact, that the murder of a human being is excusable by the principle of justice.
Since we have been in America, we have been under the domination of a power that during slavery did not have to justify the murder of our fathers. They didn’t have any group of people to look at facts. The slave-master had the power of life and death on every Black person outside of the principle of justice, with no regard for the life of the Black male or female that was being put to death.”

Hello, loyal reader. Based upon your own personal experience, how do YOU feel about law enforcement? Do you feel as if you are under protection or under oppression? Think about how your nerves react around police. Even when you aren’t doing anything wrong, don’t you still get nervous? When you’re driving and see a police car behind you, do you feel relieved or do you feel like you’re under pressure? You aren’t the only one. Have a seat, I’ve got something to say.

In the not too distant past, lynching masqueraded as crimefighting to instill fear in Black Americans. Sound familiar? Rodney King beat by the L.A.P.D., Amadou Diallo shot 41 times by the N.Y.P.D., as well as many other similar stories that never make national or local news.

As you can see, lynchings disguised as crimefighting still exists today. Its as if we’ve gotten used to seeing our brothers & sisters racially profiled and falsely accused. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing our friends brutally beaten by those who have sworn to protect us. If we scream “FUCK THE POLICE!!!”, it isn’t because we are uncivil thugs. It is because we’ve been conditioned to hate the injustice system that governs over us.

There is a growing trend of people being punished by a people more perverse than they are. Michael Vick got 23 months in prison for killing pit bulls and Dante Stallworth was sentenced to 30 days in jail for hitting Mario Reyes with a car and killing him. What kind of society is this that loves animals more than people of color? This isn’t rhetoric, this is truth.

Then, let us think of the Troy Davis case. I’m pretty sure most of us have forgotten about it ALREADY. Intimidation by modern day lynchings seems to be the theme of today. Punishments being enforced by a people who are more concerned with punishing A PERSON than punishing the RIGHT person. Why? To set an example, of course.

Ralph W. McGehee, a former CIA operative said in a conference:
“I believe that CIA covert operations, whether paramilitary or not, have helped destroy democracy around the world. By means of these operations, the CIA has replaced popular governments with brutal, murderous, U.S. -controlled military dictatorships that torture and kill their own citizens.”

Something to think about, huh? But, instead we are more concerned with sports, fashion, reality TV, music, and celebrity gossip. Its time to wake up before we are killed in our slumber. Throughout history, we are reminded of other peoples’ sufferings. I’m not trying to undermine ANYONE’S suffering, because struggle is struggle, But, we constantly hear of the 6 million Jewish people killed in the Holocaust. Did you know that around 15 million Africans died in route to America or as a direct result of the Atlantic Slave Trade? Probably not. Not only were lives lost, but so were our customs, language, religion, (30% were Muslim, many hafiz  and scholars, having memorized the whole Quran) . These things still affect us today. When we mention it, it is as if we are supposed “get over it”. But, who has suffered in history more than the Black person relocated to America? Who is STILL suffering and targeted? We are still being lynched. Instead of the fields, we are being lynched on the streets and in prisons. We are still being enslaved, instead of in physical chains – it is mental chains. It is up to us to educate and seek knowledge for ourselves and free each other.

“I rise today to offer a formal and heartfelt apology to all the victims of lynching in our history, and for the failure of the United States Senate to take action when action was most needed.” -George Allen (Former Virginia Governor)

To be continued…

“The MisEdukation of the Nigga” (book) by Nova Giovanni coming soon…

I Love You,

Nova Giovanni