Dear David Stern, FUCK YOU!!! (Bring The NBA Back) by Nova Giovanni

Hello, David Stern…

I hope this letter reaches you while you’re in good health. Apparently, my hopes aren’t reality. Because if you WERE in good health, you’d be in the right mind to do the right thing. You dumb, Danny Devito looking bitch!!! Bring the NBA back!!! How are you going to come out of your denture filled mouth to say you want 50%, when the owners were already getting 43%??… The Players then agreed to give you 47%, and you Ben-Gay smelling fuckers say you want 50%?!?! Do you think you’re on the same level as the players? You stupid BITCH, that is what the NBA is all about – THE PLAYERS!!! We want to see the NBA players 100% and you want to only pay them 50%, what kind of bamboozling is THAT? I know children who know Kobe Bryant better than they know their own fathers. How many people have you seen walking around wearing a David Stern jersey???… I’ll wait. EXACTLY!!! Nobody pays to see YOU!!! You can’t dunk, muthafucka!!!!

I know what you’re going to say, David Stern. You’re thinking, “I’m not an owner, I’m a commissioner. This isn’t my fault. This is between the players and owners.”… WRONG, BITCH!!! You are to blame for all of this, because you let it lead up to this point. When it came time for the Collective Bargaining Agreement (agreement between the commissioner, owners, and players) you should have had all of this lined up. We shouldn’t have to wait until the last minute to find out we won’t have the NBA! What other excuse besides “I’m going to watch the game with my boys” can I use now to duck away from my lady late at night? Huh? You’re fucking up lifestyles!!! Not just the NBA players, but also think about the people who make a living indirectly from the NBA. Think about the business surrounding the arenas, the parking lots, parking lot attendants. How are the people who thrive off of those things going to explain to their families that they can’t provide for them any longer because billionaires want 3% more than they have ever had or ever deserved?

David Stern, if I EVER see you I’m going to …. ooooh, I won’t even go there right now because I want to stay free. You look like the type of person that calls the police often. Stop putting pressure on the NBA players to accept a bogus offer. Put pressure on the OWNERS! They don’t dribble a basketball, I don’t control them on NBA 2K or any of that shit!!! NOBODY cares about them!!!! Tell’em to sit back and collect money. We all hate somebody that ruins things for everybody. STOP FUCKING UP THINGS FOR EVERYBODY!!!


I Love You,

Nova Giovanni


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