“Dear Lil Boosie” by Nova Giovanni

Dear Lil Boosie Boo,

I hope this letter reaches you while you’re in the best of health and the most cheerful of spirits. You’re one of the greatest entertainers of our generation, Mr. Boosie. I’m writing this while listening to one of my favorite songs of yours, “Take Me To Jail”. Well, I’m proud of you for achieving your goal of being incarcerated. I guess by now you’ve realized that the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the barb-wired fence. On the other hand, it is good to see you’ve been enjoying some of the same luxuries in there as you did on the outside world (jewelry and illegal drugs).

I’m not here to judge you, the jury already did that. I’m writing this because I really AM a fan of yours. I pray that you are found to be not guilty of the murder case you’re facing (only if you’re not guilty though) and come out to be a productive member of society. I just find it sad that our youth constantly yells “Free __Insert_Rapper_Here__” without giving a damn about freeing their own minds. I’m waiting for a rapper to inform them that if most people didn’t put themselves in a position to be arrested; they wouldn’t need to be freed at all. In addition, if it is okay to free our favorite rappers – that justifies freeing everyone. FREE EVERYBODY THATS GUILTY OF THE CRIMES THEY COMMITED!!!

Mr. Boosie Boo, you’ve been doing positive things while behind bars to motivate the youth and I hope you continue when you’re released. As an entertainer, you have a big responsibility when it comes to guiding (or misguiding) people. I’m not suggesting you star in Crimestoppers commercials or a TV series where you hypocritically mentor youth just to get locked up again. This is a simple, request – just do better next time… and don’t get an ice cream cone tatted on your face.

I’d like to end this letter with one of your lyrics that deeply touches my heart, and almost moves me to tears…

“Redbones, all of’em stop and stare ..and all of’em try to steal my underwear!”

Much Love,

Nova Giovanni



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