“Sunrise. Sunset.” by Nova Giovanni

Sunrise. Sunset.

Hello, loyal reader. I know you’re used to the run of the mill relationship posts or blogs reinforcing your already skewed views of the opposite sex. But, this post is much different. This post is about a topic we all face but rarely address. This is about death.

Death is inevitable. But, this isn’t just about death. This is more so about how we deal with it. Therefore, this isn’t about OUR death. This is about the death of someone close to us. If you haven’t experienced this feeling – you haven’t lived long enough and should stop reading right now.

I remember the first time someone I was attached to passed away. He was older, so I was upset – but at the same time could be like “He lived his life”…. have you ever felt like that with one of your relatives?

Now, I remember when my best friend died. She was only 25 years old. That is when it really hit me that death is real. I was mourning her death, saddened, and walked outdoors to only see everyone else continuing their own lives. This might sound selfish, but I wanted to stop everyone I saw smiling & inform them that my best friend had just died. I wanted to punch everyone in their happy mouths & let them know the pain I was going through. I really wanted to transfer a piece of my pain to them. Not necessarily to hurt them, but I wanted to know what it was like to be on the receiving end of empathy.

I believe what is crazier is that she was going through so much pain and never let anyone else know. Perhaps, thats why I can’t feel sorry for you constant complainers. You are alive and healthy. What are you complaining for?

Every day above ground is a good one… just some better than others…

I’ve said all of that to say this. No matter your complaints, if you have enough internet access to read this – you are doing better than a majority of the world. Now, shut the fuck up & stop complaining!!!!

Start living….

I Love You,

Nova Giovanni

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Rest In Pleasure, Brittany Holland. Thank you for teaching me how to live.


Honestly, now I feel mortal. You know how us young folks live. We live like “that isn’t going to happen to me.”… or we live like “I’ve got time to get my shit together.”

We really don’t. At the blink of an eye, we can be on our deathbed. How do we want to be remembered? Let us stop stirring up drama and such. Let us start spreading Love. No matter what, people won’t remember what we gave them – they’ll remember how we made them feel.

You are special. I hope you feel special.