Hoodrat Reform Pt. 1: A Child Is Not A Trophy by Nova Giovanni

Hello, loyal reader. I know its been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you. I shouldn’t have left you without a dope article to reflect to. The newest topic is these hoodrats. Not just hoodrats, but hoodrats with hoodrat habits affecting the whole hood. You follow? You see – the hoodrat’s behavior and lack of morality spills over to every community. Their children intermingle with our children, giving our offsprings hoodrat tendencies. They take all the good groceries off the shelves on the 1st of every month. So on and so forth.

First things first, recognize this – a child is not a trophy. I’m sick and damn tired of seeing these pregnant hoodrats parading around with their big bellies, treating it like they accomplished something. I’m not negating the fact that a child is a blessing, but a child is also a responsibility. If the only things you talk about regarding that unborn child is all the cute outfits it’ll wear or the cute name you have for it – you are truly lost. How will you provide for this child? What school will it attend? What kind of future are you preparing for it?

Furthermore, since birds of a feather flock together – your hoodrat friends aren’t guiding you in the right direction. All the fellow hoodrats in your ear, dismissing that child’s father – where will THEY be after you have birthed the child? Do you think they are going to babysit? HELL NO!!! They’ll be too busy dumping THEIR children off with someone else and participating in hoodrat activities. After you’ve had that child, and you’re left with nothing but stretch marks and stress – what will you do? Don’t you know that the hoodrats you hang out with want your children fatherless and without a constant man in their lives – just like theirs? Women envy each other. Let me correct that – GIRLS envy each other. Hoodrats aren’t women. Hoodrats are girls in women’s bodies.

Men, don’t think I’ve let you off the hook either. A child is more than a picture in your wallet that you show off to strangers to prove your sexual organs work. What are YOU doing when it comes to your seed? I’m really tired of hearing the “my babymama is keeping me from my child” excuses. If you want anything bad enough – you’ll get it. Perhaps, this will teach you to be more careful with the women you insert your penis into. Nova Knows…

In conclusion, get your shit together. There is more to a child than making them look cute and parading them around in front of your so-called friends. At the end of the day, that child has a future – at least give it a fighting chance in this harsh world. If you can’t respect that, your whole perspective is wack.

I Love You,




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