Let Her Feel Free As Your Freak by Nova Giovanni

Hello, loyal reader. I’m back with Volume 2 of the Bedroom Files. Volume 1 entailed “Lick Her Crack For A Late Night Snack”, this is the sequel. With this, I will present to you a problem plaguing our community and probably communities worldwide. Men not allowing their women to feel free in the bedroom. The bedroom (or wherever else you choose to have sex) should be a place where your woman’s wildest dreams are met, not a place of judgment.

 A big problem men (I’ve been guilty also) make is judging other women in front of the woman we deal with. Sometimes, your woman telling you about what another woman did is testing you – because she wants to do it. When she says, “Tasha bought some whips and handcuffs while we were out. She’s weird” – Don’t you agree with her! Respond with something to the affect of “Why didn’t you get any? Maybe they had a buy 1 – get one half off sale.” You see? Furthermore, don’t scoff at your woman when she wants to try something new. One of my favorite Gospel songs is ‘Be Encouraged’. Hum that song to yourself whenever you feel like you’re about to discourage your lady. Plus, you BETTER not look at her like “where did you learn that from?” when she does something new and risque to YOU. Just be appreciative that she stepped outside of her comfort zone to do it. In fact, you better tell her how much you liked it. She’ll start doing more with you. Nova Knows…

 Another problem is – too many men are worried about things them and their women doing being labeled as gay. As long as its with a woman and she doesn’t put anything in your anus, its not gay! Whats wrong? Are you worried about what your friends might say? Why THE HELL ARE YOUR FRIENDS IN YOUR BEDROOM BUSINESS, ANYWAY?!?! Some women like licking a man’s nipples. Getting my nipples licked does nothing for me, but if thats what she likes – she can do it. Thats how high my self-esteem is. There is nothing gay about a woman licking on a man’s body (except for his anus) or visa versa. You’re afraid someone is going to label you as gay, and she is afraid of being labeled as a slut. Understand this, there is a difference between a lady being A SLUT and being YOUR SLUT. If she’s not yours, she is bound to be someone else’s.

 In this case, men are the problem. Come on, brother. You’re making your woman feel guilty for doing things she WANTS to do to please YOU. That is so DAMN WACK!!! Pass her to Nova Giovanni, I’ll show you how to treat her. I treat my women like a slut in private, and I treat them like a Queen in public. At a certain age, sex should transform from you just trying to bust a nut to you actually pleasing the person you’re with. You can learn something from me, boys.

A wise man once said –

“I like to see the girls DO ITTTTTT!!!”

-Shawty Lo

I Love You,

Nova Giovanni



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