Shutup Loser!!! You Don’t Have Haters!!! by Nova Giovanni

Hello, loyal reader. I thought the concept of the “hater” had died in 2009, but I was wrong. I was awfully wrong. We are well into 2012, and not a day goes by that I don’t hear or read (online) someone addressing their so-called haters.

Most likely, we all know the general definition of a hater by now. For those who don’t know or either never cared to know, here it is:

Hater – A person that dislikes you for no reason at all other than them being jealous of you.
Now, a question to those who proclaim to be “hated on”… what have YOU done to acquire haters? A person can’t be a hater if they are in a better position than you. Perhaps, they dislike you because of your behavior. Even better, maybe they are genuinely trying to help you. Brother, you didn’t get that job because they hated on you? No, maybe you should have passed the drug test. Sister, your friends are hating on you and your boyfriend’s love? No, maybe they see him for the jobless leech he is. The most reasonable answer to why you address haters so much is to make yourself seem important to a bunch of strangers. You’re attempting to boost yourself by publicly announcing others don’t like the moves you’re making. That is tacky. Just make moves.

Even if you DO have haters, why waste so much time on them? Why not speak to the people who show you love and support? Don’t spend so much time on hate that you miss out on love. Nova Knows…

I Love You… even all my haters!!!

Nova Giovanni
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