Be a Gentleman ( By @AL_Patron & @NovaGiovanni)

Nova Giovanni – Hello, loyal reader. You already know what to expect from Nova Giovanni by now, real and raw. This time I’ve brought my brother, Al Patron with me to weigh in on things. The topic is – being a gentleman. Do you even know what that is? Do you hold doors? Do you pump gas? If you don’t pump her gas, you don’t deserve to pump her ass. Do you let her walk on the inside of the street so she is protected by you on the outside? What if a car swerves onto the curb & takes her legs out? Can you imagine sexing a woman with no legs, dawg? Food for thought, you fill the dishwasher.

Al Patron – Fellas. Where did our manners go? Billy Dee Williams is rolling over in his grave right now. Too concerned with being labeled a sucka by other males that you neglect to do right by your lady. We all want this idea of perfection from women but won’t take the time out to perfect our actions towards them. What world do we live in? Call every female you encounter a hoe but claim to want a lady? All because other dudes are fascinated with labeling you? I know what some of you are thinking, “not all these bitches deserve that polite shit tho”. 1. Not all females are bitches. 2. Stop being concerned with who doesn’t deserve something as opposed to who does because that is as much an indictment on yourself as it is on said female.

Nova Giovanni – Ahhhh man™… You mean to tell me you’re a grown man more worried about what other grown men say about you than what the woman you’re with thinks of you?!?! You’re SUCH A HOMOSEXUAL. No offense to the gay community, Love who you want to love. But, come out of the Forever 21 dressing room & let yourself be known. Another man holds no more weight to me than hitting the gym together, playing ball, and discussing music. When the sun goes down, I’m trying to be snuggled up beside someone with estrogen – not around a hard faced man. So, if they aren’t giving you pussy, money, or both AT THE SAME DAMN TIME – why do you even care what they think? Nova Knows…

Al Patron – If you want the best out of a woman but refuse to do better you’ll remain the worse for it. There’s nothing strenuous about holding a door open(which should be done for every human alive), pulling out a chair, standing when a woman enters or leaves a room. Is it? Billy Dee Williams just vomited his Colt 45 in disgust. You want a woman? Be a man. Period. Being a man is more than just putting food on the table. OJ Simpson & Rae Carruth put food on the table too. Providing & protecting is a man’s #1 duty for his woman. Provide her with respect, provide her with inspiration, provide her so she doesn’t have to seek these things & more outside of your relationship. Because she will. Compliment her, show her admiration, communicate with her, stimulate her mind, humor her, respect her & she will honor you by being the queen you need. Be a gentleman for her, for yourself, for your family & for Billy Dee Williams. There’s a lot worse things you can be than a gentleman. Be one.

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