Is Your Pastor A Pulpit Pimp? by Nova Giovanni

Hello, loyal reader. Nova Giovanni is back once again with some ramen noodle soup for your soul. I know this a controversial and touchy subject, but I’m sure it has been on a lot of our minds. Is your pastor a pimp? Think about it. A pimp is someone who gets others to do all the work for them and bring him back the money. The catch is – the pimp always makes his “workers” feel like it is for a bigger cause.

First of all, I’d be an ignorant fool to say that all pastors or preachers are just trying to deceive people for profit. However, we’d ALL be fools if we said that a good number of them don’t. I remember going to church with my grandmother at a young age and the pastor saying things to the likes of “give your money to God”. I’d think to myself, “why would God need money?”… or “if the love of money is the root of all evil, why does the pastor love us to give money so much?”… or “my grandmother can hardly pay her bills now, I’m sure God would understand if she didn’t give him this $100 this week – since he’s getting so much money from others worldwide.” Even after that logical thinking, it seemed as if the pastor always made the congregation feel as if HE was doing THEM a favor by taking THEIR money they couldn’t afford to be giving in the first place.

Hear ye, hear ye! I understand the church is a real building in a real country that has bills and maintenance fees. I have no issues with tithes and offerings, but what are they going toward? If it is going to the church’s continued operation – that is understandable. However, my grandmother’s pastor drove a Mercedes Benz S500 in a church where most of his “followers” couldn’t even afford running water in their homes. Not once would I hear him say, “Sister Jenkins is having trouble feeding her children – so lets have an extra love offering to help out.” Oftentimes, the message was “Take care of God by giving him money – and God will take care of YOU!” …Think about it, doesn’t it sound like a modern day slave logic? Christianity was perverted by slavemasters to convince the slaves that if they accepted being treated like less than human that God would “reward” them for it by getting to heaven. The slavemasters ended up getting free/cheap labor and the slaves received something also. The slave received something also. They received a thing called “hope”. Countless times, I would sit beside my struggling grandmother in church and listen to the pastor sell the masses false hope by claiming to know of those in the seats. He’d say things like “God told me that someone in here is going through hard times financially, but just give your money to God and watch him multiply it for you!!” Now, think about it. That probably applies to 95% of the people sitting there listening to him. I wonder how many other people have witnessed this.

Even the Bible says:
“I have heard these prophets say, ‘Listen to the dream I had from God last night.’ And then they proceed to tell lies in my name. How long will this go on? If they are prophets, they are prophets of deceit, inventing everything they say.” -Jeremiah 23: 25-26

God doesn’t need my money. If I’m struggling and can’t give, I’m sure God understands. If my pastor is a “Man of God”, I’m sure he would understand also and not try to make me feel guilty for taking care of my family first. Furthermore, if I’m struggling and he is so “well-off” – maybe he should give some of his church profits to ME so I can live above poverty. Is my pastor a leader looking out for my best interests or is he a pimp, having me work my corner, & profiting off of my hard work while fooling me into thinking it is the normal order of things? What Would Jesus Do?

“They are dogs with mighty appetites; they never have enough. They are shepherds who lack understanding; they all turn to their own way, each seeks his own gain.” -Isaiah 56:11

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