Black Will Always Be Beautiful by Ayana Ellis

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But I’ve long since grown suspicious of what it is today’s black man is finding beautiful. It seems as if the black woman is not on their list of beautiful things and I’d like to know why.

Now I can get into the whole theory of black men having self esteem issues if they don’t love the black woman or maybe they don’t love their mother because they don’t love the black woman, but I’m not trying to go that deep.  This issue is not even a deep issue. I think that today’s black men are a bunch of followers, a bunch of dick riders who can’t seem to think for themselves. Today’s black male is so caught up in material bullshit, image, mockery, fuckery and disrespect toward women period that not only do they have no respect for females, they have no respect for themselves.

Now let me back track. I’m aware of the fact that WOMEN these days have no respect for themselves either. Between instagramming pictures wearing nothing, sending pussy pictures to strangers on twitter, having your ass facing the camera in every picture just to get some attention, sucking his dick before you even know his last name and idolizing reality tv stars, shit is fucked up out here. (Most) women have lost their morals to either a) conform to society’s vision of them b) gain acceptance from these weak Negroes who really believe that hoes are winning or c) they have no self-esteem in the first place because of how they were raised because we all know half of today’s woman is being raised in single parent homes. But that’s a whole other demon.

Over all, carrying yourself like a whore seems to be way more accepted than carrying yourself like a  lady these days and my question is, why is that the black man LIVES to crucify black women for every thing they do but its okay for other races to do the same, yet you either turn the other cheek or make excuses for it. Whether gold digging or hoeing, if a black woman does it, she’s all kinds of scum of the earth and you’ll hear a chorus line of men saying, “That’s why I don’t fuck with black chicks because…..” YET if someone of another race does it,  the black man is the first one to be in line to get down with the program, making “it acceptable. Why is that?

If a woman of another race gets “ass shots” its not a problem, but let a black woman enhance the size of her ass, she’s a dumb bitch, she just wants attention, she has low self-esteem etc. Why is that? I think that the Black Woman slander is played out. I believe that (most) black men are just hiding behind the fact that they are puppets and slaves to society’s opinion of black women and instead of standing up for us, standing beside us and walking proudly with us and our imperfections, they join the peanut gallery of naysayers and put us down as well, not because they believe the hype but because they don’t believe in themselves.

Your preference is your preference but I refuse to believe that half the black men walking around with mixed breed women are doing so by choice. I strongly believe that this decision is made based on wanting to fit in.  If Kanye, Jay-Z and every other rap star walked around with 100% black women, the majority of these men would do the same. (Most) Black men need to learn to think for themselves and stop trying to fit in. Every woman isn’t a model and every black woman doesn’t have a bad attitude nor is she a gold digger. As women we all have the same angle when it comes to men yet, the black woman is always being slandered and its corny already.

Black will always be beautiful, there is no disputing that and when loving the black woman and showing her respect becomes trendy enough maybe the black men who think that black women aren’t worthy will hop on that bandwagon and start acting like they have some damn sense. But don’t be mad when the black woman doesn’t want your ass anymore.  Shit, half of us have had enough and is well on our way to the other side.
Who’s to blame?

Ayana Ellis


With novels such as the Gritty but Triumphant “Full Circle” which is based on her life as a Domestic Violence victim, Ayana Ellis has proved that she can roll with the big boys of literature. (read more)