The Time is Now by @Al_Patron

“The tragedy of life isn’t that it ends so soon but that we wait so long to begin it.”
‘The true mark of greatness is when everything before you becomes obsolete & everything after you bears your mark.”
The quotes above just so happen to be tattooed on me & I staunchly live by them. I’ve always been impulsive, taking no moments for granted, living for the here & now. However, as I’ve gotten older I’ve been contemplating what’s more important, instant gratification or cultivating a legacy?  The latter due in large part to Ray Lewis’ epic speech to the Standford Men’s Basketball team at this past seasons NIT, in which he spoke about leaving your legacy.  Why does it have to be one or the other? Why can’t they be related & tied into one another? For example I don’t have a sleeve (tattoo talk again folks, deal with it) rather I have individual pieces that will eventually develop into a full sleeve, so why can’t life & success be this way? Or can it? I honestly never really thought about my legacy much before last year because I’ve lived a very impulsive life.  With my experiences & surroundings, how could I now not think about leaving my imprint on this world? So how does one go about this? Do you calculate your moves, pick & choose when to act & when to be patient? What is patience? I’ve always felt that patience was an excuse to waste time. Always TAKE your time, never waste your time. I mean literally take your time, own it; this is your life, doing anything that isn’t for the betterment of such is a waste of time, so don’t. People might say it’s contradicting but all humans are conflicted to a point, that’s why we’re human. Instead of looking at with negative connotations, shine a positive light on it & look at it as finding a happy medium, a balance for lack of a better term. I’m pressed for certain shit, and then I could care less about other shit, my life, my medium, my balance. Am I perfect? Not at all but I’m a better version of the old me & still working on me.  Again I’m showing you my conflicted self. Now as I grow & hopefully for the better, I see I do care about my legacy but I’m sometimes concerned that my immediate actions & words will ultimately damage my legacy. I want what I want right now & don’t want to wait, however I am willing & am working hard to achieve the goals & touch the dreams I’ve had. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t also want long term success & have long term goals & dreams, which is how I always end up at the proverbial fork in the road. Most people will say “go straight” but it’s a fork not a straight path, so I must choose. So where am I? I’m a realist meaning I don’t believe in the words can’t or impossible(I know saying I don’t believe in them means I acknowledge their existence but save it). Can’t & impossible aren’t words they are a mind state which I refuse to partake in. If another human being can walk on the moon who can dare tell me that the sky is the limit? Having said that & asked the above questions I do believe that there is a balance that can be used to compliment the now & the legacy. It’s The Now Legacy. See you do as you please now but make decisions that you will not regret (who am I kidding we all regret shit, just think about that 4am text you sent that girl that day & woke up looked at your phone & said “shit, I did it again’ lol). Back to my point you make your decisions & stand firm by them all while being cognizant of your future and that there is a battle no person has ever won & that’s the battle against father time(women don’t be offended you have mother nature). All in all I plan on continuing riding the “Now” train while staying on track for my ultimate legacy.  What’s more important to you? Only you can answer that, I speak for myself, if you can relate, cool, if you can’t, that’s cool too. People take issue with another’s preference because they aren’t the preferred, why waste your energy? Cultivate your legacy by doing everything conducive to your immediate successes. It’s true that you only live once (YOLO) but your legacy has the potential to live forever. Your choice but no reason you can’t do both.