7 Secrets to Graduating from Babymama to Wife by Nova Giovanni


First and foremost, this is written for those actually WANTING to graduate from babymama to wife. For some, this may not apply. Either you don’t want to be HIS wife or you’re already doing all these things and HE is at fault. However, even if it doesn’t apply to the father of your child/children; most of these rules are universal in dealing with ALL men. Nova Knows.

  1. Learn to Cook. Eating out is fine every once in a while, but every man wants a home cooked meal. If five or more of his debit purchases are at Wendy’s, then Wendy is more of a wife than you are. It doesn’t mean you’re domesticating yourself, it means you’re pleasing someone you care about.
  2. Don’t Fuss About Everything. Nobody wants to be with a worrywart. He didn’t wash a spoon thoroughly? Wash it right and keep it moving. There is no need to wake him up out of his slumber, waving a spoon in his face, and starting an argument.
  3. Don’t Be Jealous. Do other women show him a lot of attention? At one time, you was probably one of those women. As long as he respects your relationship and no boundaries are crossed; just relax.
  4. Have Things Going on for You In Your Own Life. If you have time to chase him around, pick arguments, and do everything short of stalking him; you have too much time on your hands. Enroll into school, get a hobby, start a business. Do SOMETHING.
  5. Don’t Share Your Relationship Business With Outsiders. It is just NONE of their business. If it isn’t positive, it shouldn’t be said out of your mouth and should NEVER EVER EVER be posted on social networks. Once it is on the internet, it is on there forever.
  6. Learn How to Play the Background. Just because you are all lovey dovey for the public, posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram of you two, doesn’t mean he has to be. I know a lot of attention hungry won’t understand this concept. Perhaps he isn’t hiding you, maybe he is PROTECTING you. We don’t have to be on front street, as long we both know where the car is parked.
  7. TAKE CARE OF THE CHILDREN. This is the MOST important rule. Just take care of the children. Besides, in this whole dynamic – they are who REALLY matter. It is quite possible that becoming a wife just isn’t for you and he isn’t husband material. At the end of it all, you two still owe the child a healthy environment and a fair head start in life. That means: no drama, no talking bad about each other in front of your child, and not allowing others to do the same. In today’s society, our children need all the help they can get. The home should always be a safe haven in which they always feel like they can retire to after the outside world has been rough. Save the babies!

I Love You,

Nova Giovanni

Author. Activist. Freelance Writer.


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