Dickmatization: Casualties of War by Ayana Ellis

Let me start off by saying that life is a pussy chase for men. Yes it is. Okay most men, most dammit! If it don’t apply let it fly. But you can not deny that in this day and age that there is a war going on outside and women have to protect their minds, bodies and souls like never before! Dickmatization is real! Men are throwing dick at us like crazy! They are trying to ejaculate in our brains and have us stuck on stupid for life! Don’t become a casualty of war! If you are not careful and you get caught slipping, the enemy will inject you with a lethal dose of dickmatization and there is no turning back from it!

Now becoming dickmatized doesn’t make you dumb or less than. I’m going to explain to you how and why this happens. In order for you to be susceptible to dickmatization, you have to be in a very vulnerable, delusional place in your life. 99 % of women who are dickmatized are single, searching, sexually starved and hard working. Most women who aren’t use to getting good dick are the ones who get dickmatized also. Always keep in mind that his dick is only as good as your pussy. So if you’re open, 9 times out of 10 he is too! But he isn’t running around acting all crazy behind the pussy (in your face because you know he’s telling his boys how great it is) so why are you dickmatized? I’ll tell you why…

Women who get dickmatized are women who try to turn lustful situations into relationships. The main goal for these women are to lure men in, albeit not maliciously, with sex. These women are so hungry and sex starved that their scent attracts a predator and these women almost always mistakes the attention and sex he gives her as love. You ever hear someone say that you’re not supposed to go food shopping when you’re hungry because you’ll go in the supermarket buying up all kinds of things that you don’t need? This is how a woman gets turned out and dickmatized. She steps out shopping for men on an empty damn stomach. Men can sniff out a horny, lonely, desperate woman miles away. It doesn’t matter how reserved you try to be. It doesn’t matter the kind of woman that you “claim” you are, if you’re not living it, it holds no weight.

Women suffer from 2 diseases, “Lackadickaphobia” and “Dickmatization.” “Lackadickaphobia” is when you get no dick or far and few between so when you do get some, the side effects is latching on to a ni**a dick like it’s the last pair of Red Bottoms that are on sale for $100. Lackadickaphobia is the gateway drug for Dickmatization. And a predator can always tell when a woman is suffering from “Lackadickaphobia.” A woman can be so thirsty acting and not even realize it, especially if he got that good shit. We throw hints without even realizing how obvious we are being. We will let this predator come to our house in the middle of the night, or we will go to his whenever he calls. If we have plans, we will cancel them if that man wants to see us. We make ourselves so readily available for this man. We leave food in the microwave and the key under the mat for this dude. We let him hit it whenever he wants to hit it and we don’t ask him for shit in return. If this sounds familiar to you then you are suffering from Dickmatization.

Dickmatization is very real but like most addictions, you can beat this ladies! Never trust some good dick and a smile, stay strong, especially the hard working woman with so much on her plate that can’t find a date. She is the main one to get dicked to death! Most men are always on predator mode and they can almost always smell desperation on a woman like a dog senses fear or a shark smells blood. The busy hard working woman mainly makes time for pleasure so this is how she winds up getting caught up in the game! You have to maintain that deep desire and yearning to have another in your life or you will be someone’s prey and it won’t be pretty! Hungry lonely pussy and good dick is a recipe for dicksaster! Lord have mercy you will be outside looking for his ass in the day time with a flash light, a mattress tied to your back, a bullhorn to call his name, waving your wallet in the air trying to buy that nigga if your ass ain’t careful. So whatever you do, do not desperately seek out anyone other than yourself. Don’t let loneliness steer you down the wrong road.

The other problem is, women equate the amount of sex a man has with them with love. No matter how much we think we don’t, we do. All because he’s “fucking me on the regular” doesn’t mean he’s trying to fuck with you like that!!!!!!!! We love with our pussies and get emotional when dick is involved, we do, we are not men, we aren’t built like that, unless your just a straight up whore (to each his own). It is almost impossible to have a consistent sexual relationship with someone and not catch some kind of feelings. And when we catch these feelings, we begin to feel as if the man is obligated to us once we allow him inside of us, and that’s only partially true. But it is also a gamble. All because we feel this way doesn’t mean that the man will understand it and reciprocate. Honestly, as adults, I think that we all need to be fucking with a purpose bigger than money, a good time or to get over someone else. And as women, the older we get the more vulnerable we get. The average fuck is not just an average fuck anymore, no matter how much we try to think that it is, it is not. We all want more than to just be fucked, don’t we?

Our needs and wants change as we get older/mature and with that comes emotion. Our desire and hunger for more will of course keep any man coming around for seconds and thirds. This man is now getting some good hungry pussy from a woman who wants nothing more than to feel a man’s touch, because she is tired of playing with toys and she needs affection, she works hard and just wants to be loved so she gives love.. with her pussy. Now, the sexual chemistry will most likely be phenomenal because of her hunger mixed with his excitement. But this woman confuses the time that the man spends with her with the emotion of love. She thinks that this man is always around her because he cares about her. Maybe he does begin to care as time goes on but you can equate that to a bad paint job in your house. The color isn’t really what you want, but your going to keep it around because its decent… for now. So you buy pictures and plants and shit to dress up the color to how you like it and you get comfortable, but you know that in a matter of months, your going to get a new can of paint and get rid of that fast job you did. You might keep one wall painted, you know, an accent wall to look at every once in a while but eh…feel me? You have to be real with yourself ladies and get it through your head that this man is around you because your body is always calling. He wants that pussy first and foremost and the moment you try to switch gears and talk all that, “so where is this going” bullshit, he is outta there! That ain’t what he came for, this ain’t what you produced from day one! The passion, lust and chemistry that is created in that bedroom needs to remain right there next to the wet spot. It is what it is and because we are so “emotional,” we refuse to believe that. We think that our pussies and sex game is so great, how dare a man not want to love us and be with us after all of the fucking and sucking and cooking and running behind and blowing up phones and tossing and turning and drive by’s and secret squirrel missions and pressing his mans for his whereabouts and flipping on baby mama’s and… how dare he not see that we need that dick all day every day and we need him too! You think a woman is sucking it that good for nothing? No she is trying to keep you because she is what? Dickmatized! And now she has also caught feelings all because of the way you fuck her. Now although the woman “knew what she was getting herself in to,” men should be held accountable for their actions as well. You know a dick starved woman when you meet her. You know what it is yet you stay and stay and stay til you cant stay anymore. And all this woman is left with is a gaping hole and pipe dreams.

Ladies we have to learn how to separate the two and if you feel as if you can’t then you need to ration the amount of time and pussy your giving to this man. You need to stop cummin’ from your heart and learn how to cum with just your vagina alone! Lady, he does not love you nor does he want to be in a relationship with you. He is in lust with you. He is a predator and he has swooped down on his prey and demolished it. You allowed yourself to be used. You put your scent out there. You cannot be mad at this man when it was you who gave him easy entry into the basement of your pussy. You let him hit the bottom. The bottom of the pussy is that place where not every man should be able to venture. The basement of your pussy is reserved for that man who has your best interests at heart and is really trying to be with you. The basement is that secret compartment of your pussy that most men don’t even know exists. But its that one negro that over heard his sisters talking about it and he didn’t stop til he found it or maybe he hit the bottom by accident and when he saw your immediate reaction to it (i.e you started speaking in tongues, licking his face, punching walls, ripping the sheets to shreds with your teeth) he realized, oh shit, I found the pot of gold!!! That spot is way deep down in your soul and only a predator knows about that spot and he wont stop until he gets it. Most men want to get a woman dickmatized but only the strong survive!

In conclusion, just know that being dickmatized isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Its wonderful to be open off of someone sexually. Its a great feeling when you find someone that opens your body up in such a way that you are willing to give it to him any way every day. But what’s not cool is when you lose your self and lose your self-respect behind it. Don’t be a casualty of war! Searching and being single does not mean that you have to be dumb or desperate. It’s actually the best time for you to get to know yourself and sort things out in your head. Take time to get over that last heartbreak, work on your esteem if it’s low and spend time with your friends and family. Think about your future and what you want to do. Ponder on the mistakes you made and learn from them. Most of all being single helps you practice self- discipline. When you practice and maintain self-discipline, men will respect you more, yearn for you more and want to be around you for reasons other than sex. And it’s not to say that you are a bad person, you’re just being vulnerable and some men often take advantage of that. Get control of your heart and hormones so you can date without all of the vulnerability and bullshit. If you’re going to have a hot passionate sexual affair with someone, so be it, but limit the emotions to your pussy and not your heart! Most relationships end based on how it starts!

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