Grow Up and Settle Down by Nova Giovanni

Hello, loyal reader. Nova Giovanni is back with more Ramen Noodle Soup for your Soul. Aren’t you tired of playing the field? It’s only a matter of time before your luck runs out and you contract an incurable STD. One night of fun can have your vagina leaking guacamole for days on end (so I’ve heard). Condoms aren’t 100%, and some of you won’t learn that until your penis is bumped up like a nutty butty.

Do you want to be the 45 year old in nightclubs, wearing outdated clothing, getting laughed at and denied dances? Of course you don’t. Think of yourself as a car. As soon as you leave the lot (become an adult), your value begins to depreciate with every mile (year) you put on. Do you really want to be rented out person by person, tallying up more and more miles, to never feel the love of a serious owner? Would you like to be retired in a nice garage or a lowly junkyard? Ladies, unless you become very wealthy; you depreciate twice as fast as men. Fellas, your sexual organs stop working like they used to as the years go by. Time is ticking.

Wouldn’t you like to have a family, spouse, and stability? Monitor the single people on social networks and television. Now, count the complaints; they are astronomical. The single life is fun at first, but after people reach a certain age is when you can hear the bitter undertone in their voice. Eventually, it seems as if their insecurities get the best of them. Their excuses for being single goes from “I’m single by choice and don’t need a relationship to be happy” to “I can’t find someone on my level” to “I can’t trust anyone enough to give them that much power in my life”, ending in a lifetime of loneliness. It turns into you being 70 years old, in a home full of (__insert_type_of_dirty_pet_here___) and your children and siblings ignoring your phone calls because they are busy enjoying THEIR families. Don’t be THAT person. Nova Knows.

I’ve said all of that to say this… GROW UP! Grow up and do what grown people do; be responsible adults. Get a family, have some children, raise them responsibly so they can help this world somehow. No, your family and/or spouse won’t be perfect; no person or situation is. However, we’re like puzzle pieces – not perfect squares that fit beside one another. Us as puzzle pieces have uneven corners and blank spaces, but with enough concentration we can fill those with the strengths of those we surround ourselves with and build these families with. Thus, bettering the world as a whole. Don’t you want to better the world?

“We are the world.” – Catholic Priest Michael Jackson

I Love You,
Nova Giovanni

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