Is He Cuffing for a Reason or for a Season? By @AyanaEllis


Are you being cuffed for a Reason or a Season?

No matter how much we try to act as if cuffin’ season doesn’t exist, the fact of the matter is, it does and it has for a long time. It’s just that cuffin season has become more evident only over the past few years. It was a quiet movement where we all knew we were only dating that one person to keep us warm through those Fall breezes and winter winds but now, cuffin season has become the 5th season of the year. The holidays don’t play a part during cuffin season because this man is not trying to make you feel as if this fling is serious. So he spends 85% of the winter up under you fucking you senseless and playing house so that you won’t care less about where he is the other 15% of the time. But how do you know that the person that is “on you” to be with them is only in it for the cuffin? Is it a mere coincidence that at the end of August the phone calls came in droves, the offers to go out to eat every once in a while picks up, the “what are you doing for Labor Day” question is asked? Or is this person that is suddenly into you lining up his or her ducks to get cuffed through the winter?

Now because it seems to be, for some apparent reason, that the men have the upper hand during cuffin’ season leaving us women as the cuffee not the cuffer, ladies you have to be careful as to what this man’s agenda is and yours as well. You may really like this guy and seek cuffin season as the perfect opportunity to pull out your best lingerie, granny’s secret recipes and all the nasty tricks you learned from watching PornHub but this can and will back fire if he only sees you as a cuffee. If he sees you as a very vulnerable chick that he can cuff, lay up with, fuck down your walls all winter while you happily invite him into your bed home and eventually heart, cooking him meals and serving him Henny on the late night? You are finished! He’s just passing the time by, not really into you, just into your services and the fact that he doesn’t have to spend any doe, why? Because it’s cold and cuffin season and that means staying indoors, he’ll just be stacking his doe so that he can do other shit without you when the weather gets warm again. Now you all cuffed out and mad…. Who’s to blame though?

All winter your laid up, having a good time, and emotions will probably come into play. Then the most evil month of the year rolls around. March. Cuffin’ season is coming to an end, he’s going to start spending less time, calling less, joining the gym, “making moves.” and when he does come over, he wont spend nights any more, he’ll stay for a little while, nap on the couch but he’s not crawling back into your bed for the rest of the year. Meanwhile, you didn’t even realize that you gained 20 pounds NOT in the right places now your outta shape, fasting, going to the gym, going nuts on the inside because the Spring is upon us and your body and mind ain’t right and HE is not sticking around to help you through this, he is out and about ready to bag up all the Spring time cuties who were smart enough to cuff through the winter but instead chose to stick and move throughout the Winter months because they know the rules of cuffin season and the disastrous results.

You see ladies, once you allow a dude to cuff you in the winter, you will always and only be a cuff to him. No matter what he does, all year round, when it approaches Labor Day, you’re going to start hearing from him more so that he can ease in. He’ll even throw you a few bones throughout the year as to not make it look so damn janky but he’s just keeping tabs

on you because he knows the Winter has to come around again and he needs someone vulnerable enough to cuff with.

So if you really really like the guy? Don’t get cuffed through the winter. Try to resist the urge to let him lock you down when it’s cold, because when it gets warm again? He’ll be gone again….

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