The Quiet Genocide in Inner City Communities by Nova Giovanni

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story by Nova Giovanni

Hello, loyal reader. I’m here with some Ramen Noodle Soup for the Soul. The topic at hand is the genocide going on around us. By definition, genocide is: The deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation. There is no need to ask whether genocide is happening in our American inner cities; it is quite evident. A more relevant question is: are these genocides being facilitated by a force INSIDE or OUTSIDE of the community? The simple answer is: BOTH. It is easy to play the blame game. However, let us remember that when we point our finger; at least three fingers are pointing back at ourselves.

First of all, the prevalence of alcohol and drug use in inner city communities is rampant. Visit any area dubbed as “The Hood” in America, look for a library, and count how many liquor stores you pass before arriving there. Instead of sharpening our minds, we are nearly force-fed intoxicants to pacify us and cloud our judgment. As a direct result, a hectic environment with a heightened crime rate is created. As far as drugs are concerned, there is no way to justify selling poison. However, a common myth is all drug dealers sell these poisons to live a glamorous life. In reality, this is hardly the case. There are many people selling drugs, but not many living a luxurious lifestyle. Perhaps, selling drugs is appealing to those seeking employment and can’t fathom another way of providing for their family. It is easy to look at a tree, criticizing the worn leaves and deformed branches. Just remember, every tree has a root. In reality, more gainful employment would eliminate the perceived need in many people to sell drugs. If you go days without feeding your dog, can you REALLY blame it for tearing open the trash and eating it?

“The instinct to survive is human nature itself, and every aspect of our personalities derives from it.” -Robert A. Heinlin

Another problem plaguing inner cities is bad health. The combination of sexual promiscuity, poor diets, and other factors are turning our communities into a breeding ground for disease from the youngest to the oldest. Sexually transmitted diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes are bigger threats to our personal freedom than foreign terrorism ever has been. Easily accessible and unhealthy fast food establishments is only ushering us to our graves. In addition, the traditional diet we call “soul food” is killing us. Perhaps, it is called “soul food” because it sends us to our creator faster. Furthermore, a majority of people living in these neighborhoods don’t have health insurance. As a result they usually don’t seek medical help for their ailments until their illness is severe and oftentimes the damage is irreversible. Last but not least, another factor in this genocide, be it metaphorically or literally, is the so-called “War on Drugs.” I am far from being a conspiracy theorist, but it is evident that this “war” is also used an excuse to profile and arrest those in our impoverished communities. Consequently, young men are arrested, and become modern-day slaves in a scheme of prison industrialism. For example, Powhatan Correctional Center has a silkscreen, a print shop, and a license plate tag shop. To narrow it down, Powhatan Correctional Center makes ALL of the license plates for the state of Virginia at a rate of around one every 20 seconds. The last time I bought license plates for a new vehicle, it cost me 140 dollars. The inmates working in these tag shops (there are usually around fifty in the shop at a time) only to get a maximum of forty cents an hour. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the rumor that it costs an extreme amount of money to house inmates. That is merely propaganda. Prison is a very lucrative industry with a minimum annual profit of two billion dollars. Television lies, newspapers lie, but numbers don’t. In conclusion, there are many more facets to the genocide in our communities.

Anyone can talk about the problems, it is time to present solutions. I, Nova Giovanni, believe that one of the best ways to change things from the inside out is through education. Becoming formally educated and taking it upon ourselves to learn our own history would improve. Achieving higher education can help us become better established, eventually creating our own jobs and business; thus, employing others. Through self-education and researching the history of our respective cultures, it will definitely fill us with an added sense of pride. Me being African-American, after learning things most schools never teach us about our culture; I started carrying myself with more esteem. I learned Africans built some of the most grandiose and advanced civilizations, and my history didn’t begin with slavery as public schools would have us assume. Regardless of your ethnicity, I’m sure if you research it you’d be surprised to see what you find. After all, the higher we think of ourselves, the better we’ll treat ourselves and allow others to treat us. It’s messed up where they’ve got us. It’s even more messed up where we keep ourselves.

I Love You,

Nova Giovanni

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