Are You Your Phone’s Bitch? by Nova Giovanni


Hello, loyal reader. Are you your phone’s bitch? Think about it. Pick it up and hold it in your hand as you read this. If your phone was already in your hand, you’re addicted to it; even if you’re reading this from your phone. In all seriousness, phones are ruining peoples’ lives. Phones are ruining special moments, attention spans, and a number of other things that are capable of being ruined. Be it because of text messaging and talking, or social networks – it is an evergrowing problem today. Some of us really keep our phones attached to us like it is an extra body part, waking and sleeping with it, and checking their phones before thanking God for waking them. This is a problem.

I’m not writingthis to judge though, so here are just three signs you may be addicted to your phone:

  1. You continue to do things on your phone while someone is talking to you face to face. Disrespectful! Put the phone down and look them in their eyes!
  2. You panic if you’re not around your phone. You pay your pockets, your chest tenses up, and you scramble for it. You’re more worried about losing your phone than your children getting kidnapped!
  3. You just CAN’T put your phone down and enjoy the moment. You HAVE to pull out your phone and tell your social network buddies. If it was meant for them to know immediately, they should be there with you.

I’ve actually seen someone post a picture to Instagram (a social network) in real time every half hour while vacationing in the Caribbean. How can you possibly enjoy a vacation or any activity when you don’t put your phone down long enough to be IN the moment? Face it, you’re your phone’s BITCH!!!

Think of all the people who have been in your presence and you’ve cheated them because you couldn’t put your phone away and show them the attention they deserve. The use of cellular phones has changed from being a new invention and convenience to a miniature computer that distracts. Put the phone down, it will ring if someone calls. How many times are you going to refresh your Twitter feed? No one is going to say anything profound (unless it is me). You’ve uploaded your picture to Instagram and you don’t have to keep checking to see how many likes it gets. You like it and that is what REALLY matters. If you’re enjoying time with your family, put the phone away and enjoy that time. Those calls can wait. In case of an emergency, whoever is dialing should hang up and dial 911. Nova Knows.

Let’s start putting these new acts into practice until they become habits. When used right, the phone is a powerful tool for safety as well as other things. Phones don’t kill moments, people with phones kill moments.

Much Love,

Nova Giovanni

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