Vagina Envy: A Motive Behind Misogyny by Nova Giovanni


Hello, loyal reader. I know it has been a while, but Nova Giovanni is back with more Ramen Noodle Soup for Your Soul. No long introduction is needed for this article. Let’s get right into it…

Misogyny – noun. The hatred of women by men: “struggling against thinly disguised misogyny”.

In this new age of information (and misinformation), where new ideas are available at our fingertips, so are new types of people. Thanks to social networks I have recently come into contact with a new type of person, the man that constantly takes it upon himself to tell women what to do (with their bodies, clothing, hair, etc.). Being the man I am, and have been in the past (I admit, I haven’t been the most respectful to women in the past), I still could not find a sensible reason as to why a man would not only have these thoughts of how they think a woman should be, but be arrogant enough to let that stupidity travel to their fingers and to type it to a group of strangers. I am married and can’t even find it in me to tell my wife what to do or wear, let alone women worldwide I have never met and most likely never will. After careful contemplation, I came to a conclusion. There are men far and wide suffering from a condition I like to call Vagina Envy. Nova Knows.

I clearly remember logging onto Twitter one night and seeing a whole group of men discussing with each other why women should not wear wedges. After a little research, I found out wedges are a type of shoe. To the men discussing it they may have thought it appeared as if they were showing their authority (which they don’t have), but to those with a brain it shows they feel inadequate in some part of their lives. I translated them saying, “Women shouldn’t wear wedges”, into, “I wish I was a woman. If I was a woman I would not wear wedges. I wish I had a vagina.” Not only was I surprised at seeing a group of men discussing something so meaningless to most men, but I was surprised at how many men were engaged in the discussion, all putting their Vagina Envy on display for the world to see and the internet to record eternally. Vagina Envy breeds misogyny and misogynysts breed ignorance. I at one time was immature in my relations to women, but I am proud to say I have never suffered from this awful condition known as Vagina Envy.

I don’t believe Vagina Envy is the only cause of misogyny, I would be naïve to believe so. I have also witnessed men lashing out at women out of rebellion. “Rebellion?”, you say. Wait, I’ll explain. We must remind ourselves that the internet exposes us to people we normally would not in our lives. I, for example, might meet people in restaurants, social gatherings, or conferences. What do all these events have in common? They cost in some way, either through paying for admittance, transportation, or both. Social networks don’t have such requirements. Social networks are free to those men who can’t afford to attend these types of things and requires no transportation. For lack of a better word, we are exposed to the vagabonds of the world through social networks. I said all that to say this, the internet opens us up to a lot of losers. A lot of these grown live off their mother, mooch off their babymother, or some other woman they can be a parasite to. They have no free reign in the home they reside in and look at that woman taking care of them as an oppressor. Instead of rebelling against that woman and risking homelessness, it is much easier for them to release that tension by taking it out on women online who resemble those they see as their oppressor (their mother, babymother, etc.). Therefore, it is common to log onto Twitter (or any other social network for that matter) and see a young Black man insulting, single mothers, darkskinned women, “hoes”, and whatever other label they can put on a woman. But if you visit their homes, you’d see their mother is single, darkskinned, and a h… ***loses signal***

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