Guns Don’t Kill Black Boys. Hate Does. : Why Gun Reform Won’t Help The Hood.


by Nova Giovanni

Caution: I will use the word “hate” a lot. Reader discretion is advised.

Guns don’t kill Black boys. Hate kills Black boys, whether through police violence murdering innocent Black youth or Black youth killing each other. It is all hate. Hate causing an environment of prejudices which justifies police and non-Blacks taking authority into their own hands killing our young brothers because they are seen as disposable. Hate causing our young brothers to kill each other because they don’t value themselves or their futures. What will gun control do to fix that? Not a thing. If there were no guns, hate will pick up a knife and kill. Hate will throw each other off of balconies. Hate will suffocate, poison, sabotoge, or kill through vehicular homicide. It isn’t the tools that are to blame, it is the person that minds need to be changed so they don’t feel a want or need to kill. Besides, gun reform would only control those already looking to buy guns in a legal way. How many 16 year old shooters in the hood bought their gun legally? It won’t even keep guns out of the hoods, some of these guns are just as old as the people shooting them. Instead of getting rid of the guns, let’s get rid of the inclination to want to even use those guns.

We need to work on our culture and create an environment of love and self-control. If a 17 year old runs into the streets of a “rival neighborhood” and shoots at other young Black men, that isn’t just murder (or attempted murder), it is assisted suicide. It is assisted suicide because by committing that action he is also showing he doesn’t care about his own life or future and he is willing to deal with the consequences of his reckless actions. Self hate will have you less patient with those who resemble you, it will have you doing drugs and poisoning your body, self hate will have you kill. Self love will have you more patient with those who resemble you, it will make you take care of your body better, it will have you preparing for your future. We create self love by valuing ourselves. We value ourselves by knowing ourselves. We know ourselves by knowing our history and our capabilities. After knowing our history and capabilities, we create higher expectations for ourselves. With self love, value, knowledge of self, and high expectations, the things we can achieve are endless.

Guns Don’t Kill Black Boys. Hate Kills Black Boys.

I Love You.

Nova Giovanni


What are your thoughts?

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5 thoughts on “Guns Don’t Kill Black Boys. Hate Does. : Why Gun Reform Won’t Help The Hood.

  1. True stuff! The violence in Chicago (for example) is not going to stop because of gun reform….it’s not the guns, it’s the gangs, the hate. Like you said, if they’re not killing with guns they’re gonna kill with knives, etc. Idk what can stop our men from killing each other, but something has to be done, communities are getting wiped away.

  2. I wish it was that easy, I am from South LA and I celebrated my 57 th birthday today, I was one of the ones that was there when the whole thing started. I and a lot of us OG’s are trying to do whatever we can to rectify this untenable situation.
    If we are going to change it we MUST geta grip on ourselves as BLACK MEN and take responsibility for our destiny.
    Sometimes by putting our selves on the line. We are NOT worthless, but as long as we believe that there is no hope to make our dreams come true, it will only become more difficult.
    There is a way out, we Brothers MUST step up. As unappealing as it is to some of us, we have to learn not to put our head in the lion’s mouth.
    We need to break the stereotype, and show that we are superior human beings. We can only do that thru our actions.
    I am no saint, and my hands arn’t clean, but I know thru experience that I can change and influence the course of history just as much as the famous or so called powerfull.
    It IS going to be a difficult, danger filled,and frustrating struggle to repair the damage we brothers have inflicted on each other, but I believe that with the perserverence, courage, and compassion we have shown tward our so called sets, if we show that same loyalty to our families, and our communities, one by one we will overcome this attempted extermination of our brothers.
    We owe it to the children.
    I knew Stan “Tookie” Williams, and his crew, we were enemies, and I have freinds that still hate his memory, but we all must do whatever it takes to come together as black men, and restore the dignity that we have lost.
    I admire you sisters and your unflinching courage, and respect Black Women to the highest degree, I was raised by my mother.
    The gang thing is much more complex than people know, and it will take a concerted effort to come up with real solutions to the problems that confront our young brothers everyday.
    Sadly, the “so called” black leaders don’t command the respect of the last three generations of young brothers, and university professors, other pundits, and other “establishment” types don’t touch our hearts. They are looked upon as “house niggas” please excuse my french,
    At the same time we have uncle tom types that act like they are on the side of the black people, but at the same time act like cointelpro agents and spend all of their time undermining any progress that is made.
    I am not going to name any names in this post, but watch for me because i am going to upset a lot of these “so called black leaders”.
    We must clean up our own back yard, pull our pants up off of our asses and take care of our business. As James Brown said “Get up offa that thang”.
    My mom loved you, and read all of your work. ESOWAN.
    Much love and respect,
    Claude Conkrite

  3. the love is not strong and the love is not. We as black men are the most beautiful creatures on this planet. There is no better feeling then being deep inside a black man. We have to stop the hate and combat this destruction because no one is going to do it for us. Excellent post my brother 1 love

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