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Some may remember him as a guest radio personality for 106.5 The Beat and/or for his articles for several magazines as well as being featured nationwide on many radio stations. But former comedian, radio personality, active philanthropist, social activist and now author, Nova Sankofa (formerly Nova Giovanni), is not stopping there.

Recognized for speaking his mind, this witty personality refuses to take it down a notch. He feels that sugar coating issues will not get his message across the way “being REAL” can. When he expresses his thoughts through writing or speaking, he has people shocked with their mouths dropping. But within seconds, he has those same people laughing, inspired and yearning for more…making him one of the most requested emerging speakers around.

“Nova is the most outspoken and ‘in tune’ Black Intellectuals I’ve seen from his generation!” ~Sandy S.

His impressive resume speaks for itself and continues to grow rapidly. The success of his online articles motivated Nova Sankofa to expand his horizons and write a book of his own. And with no surprise, thousands started talking about his hilarious and entertaining book titled Ramen Noodle For The Soul once it was published and released to the public.

Pieces of his work has appeared on the nationally syndicated “Russ Parr Morning Show“, as well as many websites. He has been featured on many different radio shows, has written skits for some popular mixtapes and the list goes on.

You can find him doing regular community work in Philadelphia, and also giving speeches and/or socializing at local universities, charity events, community events and more. If you don’t have the chance to attend one of his lectures, or listen in to his special appearances on radio shows, his twitter posts are known to be just as entertaining. Follow him on twitter (@NovaGiovanni) and subscribe to his blogs.

I’d like to make a change by reaching an audience that isn’t usually susceptible to the kind of informing, positive & uplifting message I deliver. I want to keep everything with a comedic twist, so it’s entertaining and not boring. But, after being entertained- I always want people to leave my lectures or shows and say, ‘I learned something!‘” ~Nova Sankofa

Although he is far from your average speaker, he has won the respect of teens and adults because he says things others wish they had the courage to say. With his different approach of inspiring people by using sarcastic reverse psychology, this intelligent man with an unusual yet genius mind is rapidly winning fans worldwide.



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