Guns Don’t Kill Black Boys. Hate Does. : Why Gun Reform Won’t Help The Hood.


by Nova Giovanni

Caution: I will use the word “hate” a lot. Reader discretion is advised.

Guns don’t kill Black boys. Hate kills Black boys, whether through police violence murdering innocent Black youth or Black youth killing each other. It is all hate. Hate causing an environment of prejudices which justifies police and non-Blacks taking authority into their own hands killing our young brothers because they are seen as disposable. Hate causing our young brothers to kill each other because they don’t value themselves or their futures. What will gun control do to fix that? Not a thing. If there were no guns, hate will pick up a knife and kill. Hate will throw each other off of balconies. Hate will suffocate, poison, sabotoge, or kill through vehicular homicide. It isn’t the tools that are to blame, it is the person that minds need to be changed so they don’t feel a want or need to kill. Besides, gun reform would only control those already looking to buy guns in a legal way. How many 16 year old shooters in the hood bought their gun legally? It won’t even keep guns out of the hoods, some of these guns are just as old as the people shooting them. Instead of getting rid of the guns, let’s get rid of the inclination to want to even use those guns.

We need to work on our culture and create an environment of love and self-control. If a 17 year old runs into the streets of a “rival neighborhood” and shoots at other young Black men, that isn’t just murder (or attempted murder), it is assisted suicide. It is assisted suicide because by committing that action he is also showing he doesn’t care about his own life or future and he is willing to deal with the consequences of his reckless actions. Self hate will have you less patient with those who resemble you, it will have you doing drugs and poisoning your body, self hate will have you kill. Self love will have you more patient with those who resemble you, it will make you take care of your body better, it will have you preparing for your future. We create self love by valuing ourselves. We value ourselves by knowing ourselves. We know ourselves by knowing our history and our capabilities. After knowing our history and capabilities, we create higher expectations for ourselves. With self love, value, knowledge of self, and high expectations, the things we can achieve are endless.

Guns Don’t Kill Black Boys. Hate Kills Black Boys.

I Love You.

Nova Giovanni

What are your thoughts?

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Do We Hate Ourselves?! by Nova Giovanni


I was driving through West Philadelphia last week listening to a song promoting drug use, rape culture, and random acts of violence. Which song? I can’t remember the title of it, but I’m sure you can think of at least a thousand rap songs that fit the description and use it in place of the example I have given. It was a perfect 72 degrees out, so I rolled down my windows, and turned the music up like I’ve done a hundred times in the past. However, this time was different. I actually LISTENED to the lyrics and felt irresponsible and enabling by projecting this message on others by turning up the volume. This is in no way an assault on rap music, I have been listening to it since I can remember. I know rap has provided a lot of opportunities and jobs to people who wouldn’t have had it if it wasn’t for the music genre. Furthermore, I know the message in these songs are only an outward manifestation of what is happening inside of the artists and/or the success it garners reflects the mindsets of the people liking and buying it.

There are all types of rap music, but which is most popular and why? It is the rap music promoting drug use, rape culture, random acts of violence, and everything else detestable to the tune of a catchy hook and nice instrumental. Some will give a conspiracy theory like, “that is all the White man signs record deals for and promotes.” Even if that claim is the case (which I’m not debating or supporting), there is no denying that it is popular. Why would such filth be so popular unless we are in a way filthy ourselves? When we really think about it with an analytical mind, we may see things differently than before. Don’t you find it kind of uncivilized to go to a nightclub and dance to music and have “a good time” to music telling us to kill ourselves and each other? DO WE HATE OURSELVES?! Of course we don’t (I hope we don’t), but our actions sometimes say otherwise. I’m not saying we should stop listening to this type of music, but with a new way of thinking comes a new way of walking. Hopefully, we can put (or keep) this kind of entertainment where it belongs and see it for what it is – entertainment. We should allow no rapper or entertainer spewing self-defeating rhymes provide us with a melodic blueprint for how to live righteously or right. Nova Knows.

We have to see the bigger picture when looking at smaller issues. I won’t make this a long and detailed post by going into detail about why and how self-defeating behavior and self-hatred is promoted and popular among us (see video below). However, let us look at what purpose it serves. When we use drugs, kill each other, and demean women, someone gets paid in some way. Whether it is the drug dealers (not talking the young man you see on the corner, but the millionaire businessman with the boats and connections), the criminal justice system (police, lawyers, judges, correctional officers, etc.), and so on and so forth. Enslaving our minds has proven to be just as profitable as enslaving our bodies.

We are only free in this country to do the wrong things. We say freedom is being able to do what we want to do-but ask yourself – What makes you want to do a thing? Your wants and desires have been induced. What we want and desire maintain the system of domination and destroy us as a people. Our problems, behavior etc. have a political and economic function. – Dr. Amos N. Wilson


Nova Giovanni

Vagina Envy: A Motive Behind Misogyny by Nova Giovanni


Hello, loyal reader. I know it has been a while, but Nova Giovanni is back with more Ramen Noodle Soup for Your Soul. No long introduction is needed for this article. Let’s get right into it…

Misogyny – noun. The hatred of women by men: “struggling against thinly disguised misogyny”.

In this new age of information (and misinformation), where new ideas are available at our fingertips, so are new types of people. Thanks to social networks I have recently come into contact with a new type of person, the man that constantly takes it upon himself to tell women what to do (with their bodies, clothing, hair, etc.). Being the man I am, and have been in the past (I admit, I haven’t been the most respectful to women in the past), I still could not find a sensible reason as to why a man would not only have these thoughts of how they think a woman should be, but be arrogant enough to let that stupidity travel to their fingers and to type it to a group of strangers. I am married and can’t even find it in me to tell my wife what to do or wear, let alone women worldwide I have never met and most likely never will. After careful contemplation, I came to a conclusion. There are men far and wide suffering from a condition I like to call Vagina Envy. Nova Knows.

I clearly remember logging onto Twitter one night and seeing a whole group of men discussing with each other why women should not wear wedges. After a little research, I found out wedges are a type of shoe. To the men discussing it they may have thought it appeared as if they were showing their authority (which they don’t have), but to those with a brain it shows they feel inadequate in some part of their lives. I translated them saying, “Women shouldn’t wear wedges”, into, “I wish I was a woman. If I was a woman I would not wear wedges. I wish I had a vagina.” Not only was I surprised at seeing a group of men discussing something so meaningless to most men, but I was surprised at how many men were engaged in the discussion, all putting their Vagina Envy on display for the world to see and the internet to record eternally. Vagina Envy breeds misogyny and misogynysts breed ignorance. I at one time was immature in my relations to women, but I am proud to say I have never suffered from this awful condition known as Vagina Envy.

I don’t believe Vagina Envy is the only cause of misogyny, I would be naïve to believe so. I have also witnessed men lashing out at women out of rebellion. “Rebellion?”, you say. Wait, I’ll explain. We must remind ourselves that the internet exposes us to people we normally would not in our lives. I, for example, might meet people in restaurants, social gatherings, or conferences. What do all these events have in common? They cost in some way, either through paying for admittance, transportation, or both. Social networks don’t have such requirements. Social networks are free to those men who can’t afford to attend these types of things and requires no transportation. For lack of a better word, we are exposed to the vagabonds of the world through social networks. I said all that to say this, the internet opens us up to a lot of losers. A lot of these grown live off their mother, mooch off their babymother, or some other woman they can be a parasite to. They have no free reign in the home they reside in and look at that woman taking care of them as an oppressor. Instead of rebelling against that woman and risking homelessness, it is much easier for them to release that tension by taking it out on women online who resemble those they see as their oppressor (their mother, babymother, etc.). Therefore, it is common to log onto Twitter (or any other social network for that matter) and see a young Black man insulting, single mothers, darkskinned women, “hoes”, and whatever other label they can put on a woman. But if you visit their homes, you’d see their mother is single, darkskinned, and a h… ***loses signal***

I Love You,

Nova Giovanni (join the forum)

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Are You Your Phone’s Bitch? by Nova Giovanni


Hello, loyal reader. Are you your phone’s bitch? Think about it. Pick it up and hold it in your hand as you read this. If your phone was already in your hand, you’re addicted to it; even if you’re reading this from your phone. In all seriousness, phones are ruining peoples’ lives. Phones are ruining special moments, attention spans, and a number of other things that are capable of being ruined. Be it because of text messaging and talking, or social networks – it is an evergrowing problem today. Some of us really keep our phones attached to us like it is an extra body part, waking and sleeping with it, and checking their phones before thanking God for waking them. This is a problem.

I’m not writingthis to judge though, so here are just three signs you may be addicted to your phone:

  1. You continue to do things on your phone while someone is talking to you face to face. Disrespectful! Put the phone down and look them in their eyes!
  2. You panic if you’re not around your phone. You pay your pockets, your chest tenses up, and you scramble for it. You’re more worried about losing your phone than your children getting kidnapped!
  3. You just CAN’T put your phone down and enjoy the moment. You HAVE to pull out your phone and tell your social network buddies. If it was meant for them to know immediately, they should be there with you.

I’ve actually seen someone post a picture to Instagram (a social network) in real time every half hour while vacationing in the Caribbean. How can you possibly enjoy a vacation or any activity when you don’t put your phone down long enough to be IN the moment? Face it, you’re your phone’s BITCH!!!

Think of all the people who have been in your presence and you’ve cheated them because you couldn’t put your phone away and show them the attention they deserve. The use of cellular phones has changed from being a new invention and convenience to a miniature computer that distracts. Put the phone down, it will ring if someone calls. How many times are you going to refresh your Twitter feed? No one is going to say anything profound (unless it is me). You’ve uploaded your picture to Instagram and you don’t have to keep checking to see how many likes it gets. You like it and that is what REALLY matters. If you’re enjoying time with your family, put the phone away and enjoy that time. Those calls can wait. In case of an emergency, whoever is dialing should hang up and dial 911. Nova Knows.

Let’s start putting these new acts into practice until they become habits. When used right, the phone is a powerful tool for safety as well as other things. Phones don’t kill moments, people with phones kill moments.

Much Love,

Nova Giovanni

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The Deadbeat Enabler by Nova Giovanni


“The Deadbeat Enabler” as seen on Vibe Vixen.

Hello, loyal reader. Are you a deadbeat? You know what a deadbeat is, right? A deadbeat parent, having no relationship with your children and not seeking one. Of course most people wouldn’t admit to it, but you know who you are. Take a breath, you’re not on trial today. This is about the deadbeat’s ally, The Deadbeat Enabler.

The Deadbeat Enabler can come in different forms, but the most prevalent and powerful of the deadbeat parent is the person who willingly dates them. Are you a deadbeat enabler? Does the person you are dating have children? How often do you see them? How often do they have them? It is up to you to ask them about their children and inquire as to why they aren’t active in their children’s lives. I’m sure the deadbeat has an excuse that sounds pleasing to the ears. Since they never have their children, they have a lot of time alone to think of a reason to tell people why they don’t. Remember, no excuse is a good excuse. Nova Knows.

Now that you know the person you are dating is a deadbeat, what are you going to do about it? The only honorable thing to do is disassociate yourself from this person. Before I continue, I’d like to let it be known that I’m speaking from experience and not a place of malice or judgment. A few years ago, I was involved with a woman who I found out had a child in South Carolina. She had a great story as to why her child lived hundreds of miles away. Me wanting to give her a chance, I accepted the story. I had come to the conclusion that her child lived far away because she had the child at an early age, and living with someone more mature was in the child’s best interests. Then, I started noticing she never even called her child while I was around. Come to find out she hadn’t even spoken to her child in years AND had a second child in South Carolina she NEVER spoke of. What do you think I did? I detached myself from her. No, we can’t date. No, we can’t be friends. Of course the deadbeat will play the victim and beg for you to understand their plight. There is nothing to understand. They can’t even be loyal to their own children, so they damn sure can’t be loyal to you. Do you think it is wise to be intimate with such a person? What do you think will happen if you two have a child together? Do you think they will be responsible all of a sudden? Don’t be stupid. Even if they are, that doesn’t excuse them from being responsible for the children they already have.

In this day and age, there is an epidemic of deadbeat enablers. They vary from people casually dating a known deadbeat to those really TAKING CARE of deadbeats like a child of their own. This is definitely a problem. However, for every problem there is a solution. See, there are certain things that would make us social outcasts. If we didn’t bathe and smelled like feces, we’d be social outcasts. If we committed horrendous crimes, we’d be social outcasts. Well, isn’t bringing children into this world and not taking care of them (physically and emotionally) not a horrendous crime? It is up to ALL of us to do a better job at identifying and shunning deadbeats. It is okay to ask your friends, “Hey! When is the last time you saw your kids?” or “How are your little ones doing?” during casual conversation. In the end, it isn’t just about that person avoiding responsibility. It is about their children and OUR children, and the future and society as a whole. I believe one of the reasons people feel they owe know allegiance to their children is they aren’t penalized for it. They can still mingle with the rest of us, partying, enjoying themselves as if they never created a life they are responsible for. That isn’t right. There are many studies proving the absence of parenthood is a contributing factor to many problems in children, carrying over into their adulthood. More people than just their absent parent deserve some of the blame.

This isn’t just an article. This is a call to action for all of us. It is time for us to hold ourselves and our friends to a standard that will benefit everyone as a whole. It is time to make parenthood cool (even though us active parents already know it is). We don’t have to go to the club, brother. How about I get my kids, you get your kids, and we all meet at the park? Deadbeats, deadbeat enablers, bad parents, good parents, friends, foes, rich, poor, Black, White, tall, skinny… we have some work to do.

Thank You,

Nova Giovanni

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B.A.N. (Bitch Ass Niggas) by Nova Giovanni


Hello, loyal reader. Its been a long time and I shouldn’t have left you without some Ramen Noodle Soup for the Soul to step to. Let’s get right to it. The topic at hand is the Bitch Ass Nigga. The misguided, purposeless, fatherless, gossiping, feminine, Bitch ASSS NIIIIGGGGAAAA!!!

If you have to question whether you’re a bitch ass nigga or not, you most likely are. Over the course of the past few weeks, I’ve studied the bitch ass nigga in his habitat of choice – the internet. The internet is a safe haven for the bitch ass nigga and his silly antics. When not on the internet masturbating to midget porn, the bitch ass nigga is on social networks where he can congregate with other bitch ass niggas. It is on these social networks where the bitch ass nigga feels free to gossip like the diva he is. The bitch ass nigga would rather earn a retweet than a dollar. The bitch ass nigga and his bitch ass peers usually converse about who is a hoe, how long the line is for Jordan sneakers, and they also try to sprinkle a little sports talk in to blend with the normal and respectable men. The bitch ass nigga comes in all different types. There is the Deadbeat Dad Bitch Ass Nigga dodging responsibility while leeching off his current girlfriend and using her wifi connection to communicate with the outside world of bitch assness. There is also the Baby Boy Bitch Ass Nigga. He is the 24 year old manchild living in the comfort of his mother’s basement among his sneaker collection and twin size bed. Another common bitch ass nigga is the Babbling Bumping Gums Bitch Ass Nigga. He is usually the man you can tell was raised by a bunch of women and took on their love of gossip, everyone else’s business, and whoring for attention. Nova Knows.

How does the bitch ass nigga change or become an honorable man? He doesn’t. There is no cure or treatment for him. The only thing remotely close to a solution involves those of us who aren’t bitch ass niggas. We have to suppress the bitch ass nigga and create an uncomfortable environment for all bitch ass niggas. When you see the bitch ass nigga participating in bitch ass activities like he can’t help but do, it is your duty to call him out on it. Make that bitch ass nigga log off the internet and log back into the reality that is his abysmal and purposeless life. When you see a bitch ass nigga conversing about leaking nudes, exposing women, slandering everyone doing better than him, or gossiping – put pressure on that bitch ass nigga. Leave no stone unturned, strike that bitch ass nigga wherever he peeks his head. That is the solution. It is time for a revolution!!! Viva La Revolucion!!!

“It takes a village to raise a child and an online community to stop a bitch ass nigga.”

-African Proverb

Thank You,

Nova Giovanni

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