“They Lootin’!!! AHHHH!!! Made Ya Look!!!” – @NovaSankofa

Ferguson Mo Quiktrip

I send my condolences to Michael Brown’s family and all people worldwide feeling heartache as a result of police brutality.

Now, I have something to say about the looting at the protests… … …

Fuck those stores!

The bad guys aren’t the people looting those stores. The real bad guys are the people putting liquor stores & McD’s there in the first place. It shouldn’t even be there. Every hood you go to, you can’t find a library or community center, but there are liquor stores and poisonous foods in abundance. Parasites in the community. Then Black folks are proud of people for protecting these business that tranquilize (liquor) and poison (McD’s) their own neighborhood, while the media pits the “good negros” against the “bad negros”.

1) Those aren’t Black businesses

2) Protecting the financial interests of “community outsiders” isn’t a win to me

3) There are better things that can be there.

A Black neighborhood in which the Black dollar isn’t circulating and “others” set up businesses is basically a colony. There should be no surprise racist police are put in these places to protect the investors’ money. If you go to Chinatown in Philly, you don’t see chain stores, only Chinese business… and guess what? Chinatown also has a Chinese Police Dept, Chinese Fire Dept, a Chinese Bank, etc. Economic power IS power. It’s bigger than population, that is why there are whole Black communities that are powerless. For example, look at the Jewish community in this country. Small population but a lot of power, because economic power is a form of true power.

I’m not saying to loot or not. I’m saying that it doesn’t matter. Respectability politics won’t get us anywhere.

“Why didn’t you loot and you are protecting this store?”

“I wanted to show them we ain’t all ignorant niggas”


Getting beat upside the head, shot in the streets, and still trying to earn the favor of people who will treat you like less than a dog anyway. Risking your own wellbeing to protect a LIQUOR STORE, a parasite of the community, to “show them” you’re better than the rest of your people.

Cut the bullshit.

In the grand scheme of things, none of this takes away from the fact an unarmed Black man (Michael Brown) was murdered by a police officer last week. In the midst of all this media hoopla, let us keep that in mind (ironic I say this after this long post, but I didn’t intend for it to be this long. I didn’t even intend for it to be a whole post). No amount of liquor stores or hair supply shops can justify what happened to this young man. The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.


-Nova Sankofa


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We Don’t Want To Be Included. We Want To Be Equal. | Nova Sankofa


This should go without saying, but inclusion is not equality. If I had a nickel for every time I saw my Black brothers and sisters online, on television, or in magazines, in an outrage for not being included – I’d have enough to buy 40 acres and a mule. They say they want equality, but equality isn’t winning awards given out by Whites, being on television shows created by Whites, or not being included on a list of recognition constructed by Whites. Equality would be having our own outlets to better represent ourselves (we have a few).

Malcolm X said:

If you can’t do it for yourself, what the white man is doing for himself, don’t say you’re equal with the white man. If you can’t set up a factory like he sets up a factory don’t talk that old equality talk.”

I agree wholeheartedly. Equality isn’t us being able to play in a game they created, or to be a part of movements they created. We can fight and fight to be included (still not equal), and if we are finally let in, we still won’t be seen as equals. If anything, it will build animosity and/or have us looked at in pity, as charity cases. I don’t want to be pitied, I want to be respected.

Imagine yourself on the sideline of a basketball court all day. On this sideline, you’re watching Michael Jordan in his prime playing one on one basketball with all worthy contenders and beating them. You watch him as he plays against Dominique Wilkins, Reggie Miller, and Joe Dumars, all people who have earned their respect on their own basketball courts to play against him. Then you, the spectator, walks on the court and challenges Michael Jordan. You very well could be a better ball player than him, even though he doesn’t know it. Instead of you going to a different court and earning your own name and becoming a known contender, you whine and talk about how you’ve been watching him all day and deserve a shot. If he accepts your challenge, you still aren’t seen as equal to him or his other contenders. You didn’t earn equality, you only earned inclusion. Even if you win, you don’t win, because others will say you didn’t earn it, you were pitied. If you win, they most likely will say “he let you win to make things fair”. You may beat him, but it will still be his court and you still don’t have one of your own. What is fair? What is equality? What is inclusion?

I, Nova Sankofa, don’t want to be included. I want to be equal. I want to be equal in every way. You will never see me or anyone who thinks similarly to me in the cold, picketing to the White man to be hired and used by a job he created. You will never see me attach myself to a movement not designed for me to only cry to them because I’m being treated unfairly in that movement. You will never see me cry about schools being closed down that only poison our childrens’ minds with eurocentric and White supremacist teachings anyway. You will see me trying to align myself with others to create our own jobs that sustain our communities and families. You will see me working with other people and organizations that have my best interests at heart and I don’t have to compromise my integrity for. You will see me trying in each and every way to diversify curriculums being taught in schools and eventually creating our own schools.



Nova Sankofa


This is Part 2


You Are Not Special And That Is Okay by Nova Giovanni


In a world that tells us we are all unique and special and can be anything we want to be, it isn’t hard to tell that the world is lying. Look at how many people are into the same things, believe the same lies, aspire (and many times never become) the same person. Are you in denial about your mediocrity? There is nothing wrong with being normal. I know the trend is “weird is cool” right now, but is it really? To appear weird is cool, but most people really aren’t too accepting of those who REALLY are weird. I was once riding the DC Metro train (red line, for those curious) and saw a man in the back take a dump in the back of it and wipe his ass with a newspaper. That was weird, but very uncool. Why? Because there is a sense of normality most of us possess of what is acceptable and what isn’t. That is why we dress a certain way, speak a certain way, and even conduct ourselves a certain way. There is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with being normal. Who says you have to be this millionaire musician who will probably end up suffering from depression and become addicted to some hard drug? Who says you have to be this intellect that wears ankh and studies everything Egyptian even though your ancestry may not trace back to Egypt at all? Who says you have to be an entrepreneur in this flailing economy in which people are spending less and less because they have less to spend? Who made these rules to being part of the unruly? A lot of people force all of these things anyway… the musician that really doesn’t know music, the intellect that collects and takes pics of books but have never opened and actually read them, the entrepreneur that really isn’t very entrepreneurial. It is because a lot of the people projecting these images of themselves aren’t these people at all. Attention is a helluva drug. Amen.

Truth is, most people are very generic in their thinking, logic, goals, and aspirations. Most people think normally and will die very normally. No, you probably won’t do anything that those outside of your circle see as significant. That is okay. After your death, you will probably only be remembered by your immediate family for a few generations. That is okay. You will probably live a very mediocre life, most of us do. That is okay. I’m not saying not to try to excel or be different if that is who you are. However, if you’re not, don’t beat yourself up about how average your life is. Average is, well… Normal.


Nova Giovanni


“Thinking Out Loud” coming soon…

Do We Hate Ourselves?! by Nova Giovanni


I was driving through West Philadelphia last week listening to a song promoting drug use, rape culture, and random acts of violence. Which song? I can’t remember the title of it, but I’m sure you can think of at least a thousand rap songs that fit the description and use it in place of the example I have given. It was a perfect 72 degrees out, so I rolled down my windows, and turned the music up like I’ve done a hundred times in the past. However, this time was different. I actually LISTENED to the lyrics and felt irresponsible and enabling by projecting this message on others by turning up the volume. This is in no way an assault on rap music, I have been listening to it since I can remember. I know rap has provided a lot of opportunities and jobs to people who wouldn’t have had it if it wasn’t for the music genre. Furthermore, I know the message in these songs are only an outward manifestation of what is happening inside of the artists and/or the success it garners reflects the mindsets of the people liking and buying it.

There are all types of rap music, but which is most popular and why? It is the rap music promoting drug use, rape culture, random acts of violence, and everything else detestable to the tune of a catchy hook and nice instrumental. Some will give a conspiracy theory like, “that is all the White man signs record deals for and promotes.” Even if that claim is the case (which I’m not debating or supporting), there is no denying that it is popular. Why would such filth be so popular unless we are in a way filthy ourselves? When we really think about it with an analytical mind, we may see things differently than before. Don’t you find it kind of uncivilized to go to a nightclub and dance to music and have “a good time” to music telling us to kill ourselves and each other? DO WE HATE OURSELVES?! Of course we don’t (I hope we don’t), but our actions sometimes say otherwise. I’m not saying we should stop listening to this type of music, but with a new way of thinking comes a new way of walking. Hopefully, we can put (or keep) this kind of entertainment where it belongs and see it for what it is – entertainment. We should allow no rapper or entertainer spewing self-defeating rhymes provide us with a melodic blueprint for how to live righteously or right. Nova Knows.

We have to see the bigger picture when looking at smaller issues. I won’t make this a long and detailed post by going into detail about why and how self-defeating behavior and self-hatred is promoted and popular among us (see video below). However, let us look at what purpose it serves. When we use drugs, kill each other, and demean women, someone gets paid in some way. Whether it is the drug dealers (not talking the young man you see on the corner, but the millionaire businessman with the boats and connections), the criminal justice system (police, lawyers, judges, correctional officers, etc.), and so on and so forth. Enslaving our minds has proven to be just as profitable as enslaving our bodies.

We are only free in this country to do the wrong things. We say freedom is being able to do what we want to do-but ask yourself – What makes you want to do a thing? Your wants and desires have been induced. What we want and desire maintain the system of domination and destroy us as a people. Our problems, behavior etc. have a political and economic function. – Dr. Amos N. Wilson


Nova Giovanni


Vagina Envy: A Motive Behind Misogyny by Nova Giovanni


Hello, loyal reader. I know it has been a while, but Nova Giovanni is back with more Ramen Noodle Soup for Your Soul. No long introduction is needed for this article. Let’s get right into it…

Misogyny – noun. The hatred of women by men: “struggling against thinly disguised misogyny”.

In this new age of information (and misinformation), where new ideas are available at our fingertips, so are new types of people. Thanks to social networks I have recently come into contact with a new type of person, the man that constantly takes it upon himself to tell women what to do (with their bodies, clothing, hair, etc.). Being the man I am, and have been in the past (I admit, I haven’t been the most respectful to women in the past), I still could not find a sensible reason as to why a man would not only have these thoughts of how they think a woman should be, but be arrogant enough to let that stupidity travel to their fingers and to type it to a group of strangers. I am married and can’t even find it in me to tell my wife what to do or wear, let alone women worldwide I have never met and most likely never will. After careful contemplation, I came to a conclusion. There are men far and wide suffering from a condition I like to call Vagina Envy. Nova Knows.

I clearly remember logging onto Twitter one night and seeing a whole group of men discussing with each other why women should not wear wedges. After a little research, I found out wedges are a type of shoe. To the men discussing it they may have thought it appeared as if they were showing their authority (which they don’t have), but to those with a brain it shows they feel inadequate in some part of their lives. I translated them saying, “Women shouldn’t wear wedges”, into, “I wish I was a woman. If I was a woman I would not wear wedges. I wish I had a vagina.” Not only was I surprised at seeing a group of men discussing something so meaningless to most men, but I was surprised at how many men were engaged in the discussion, all putting their Vagina Envy on display for the world to see and the internet to record eternally. Vagina Envy breeds misogyny and misogynysts breed ignorance. I at one time was immature in my relations to women, but I am proud to say I have never suffered from this awful condition known as Vagina Envy.

I don’t believe Vagina Envy is the only cause of misogyny, I would be naïve to believe so. I have also witnessed men lashing out at women out of rebellion. “Rebellion?”, you say. Wait, I’ll explain. We must remind ourselves that the internet exposes us to people we normally would not in our lives. I, for example, might meet people in restaurants, social gatherings, or conferences. What do all these events have in common? They cost in some way, either through paying for admittance, transportation, or both. Social networks don’t have such requirements. Social networks are free to those men who can’t afford to attend these types of things and requires no transportation. For lack of a better word, we are exposed to the vagabonds of the world through social networks. I said all that to say this, the internet opens us up to a lot of losers. A lot of these grown live off their mother, mooch off their babymother, or some other woman they can be a parasite to. They have no free reign in the home they reside in and look at that woman taking care of them as an oppressor. Instead of rebelling against that woman and risking homelessness, it is much easier for them to release that tension by taking it out on women online who resemble those they see as their oppressor (their mother, babymother, etc.). Therefore, it is common to log onto Twitter (or any other social network for that matter) and see a young Black man insulting, single mothers, darkskinned women, “hoes”, and whatever other label they can put on a woman. But if you visit their homes, you’d see their mother is single, darkskinned, and a h… ***loses signal***

I Love You,

Nova Giovanni


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“Sunrise. Sunset.” by Nova Giovanni

Sunrise. Sunset.

Hello, loyal reader. I know you’re used to the run of the mill relationship posts or blogs reinforcing your already skewed views of the opposite sex. But, this post is much different. This post is about a topic we all face but rarely address. This is about death.

Death is inevitable. But, this isn’t just about death. This is more so about how we deal with it. Therefore, this isn’t about OUR death. This is about the death of someone close to us. If you haven’t experienced this feeling – you haven’t lived long enough and should stop reading right now.

I remember the first time someone I was attached to passed away. He was older, so I was upset – but at the same time could be like “He lived his life”…. have you ever felt like that with one of your relatives?

Now, I remember when my best friend died. She was only 25 years old. That is when it really hit me that death is real. I was mourning her death, saddened, and walked outdoors to only see everyone else continuing their own lives. This might sound selfish, but I wanted to stop everyone I saw smiling & inform them that my best friend had just died. I wanted to punch everyone in their happy mouths & let them know the pain I was going through. I really wanted to transfer a piece of my pain to them. Not necessarily to hurt them, but I wanted to know what it was like to be on the receiving end of empathy.

I believe what is crazier is that she was going through so much pain and never let anyone else know. Perhaps, thats why I can’t feel sorry for you constant complainers. You are alive and healthy. What are you complaining for?

Every day above ground is a good one… just some better than others…

I’ve said all of that to say this. No matter your complaints, if you have enough internet access to read this – you are doing better than a majority of the world. Now, shut the fuck up & stop complaining!!!!

Start living….

I Love You,

Nova Giovanni

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Rest In Pleasure, Brittany Holland. Thank you for teaching me how to live.


Honestly, now I feel mortal. You know how us young folks live. We live like “that isn’t going to happen to me.”… or we live like “I’ve got time to get my shit together.”

We really don’t. At the blink of an eye, we can be on our deathbed. How do we want to be remembered? Let us stop stirring up drama and such. Let us start spreading Love. No matter what, people won’t remember what we gave them – they’ll remember how we made them feel.

You are special. I hope you feel special.