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This should go without saying, but inclusion is not equality. If I had a nickel for every time I saw my Black brothers and sisters online, on television, or in magazines, in an outrage for not being included – I’d have enough to buy 40 acres and a mule. They say they want equality, but equality isn’t winning awards given out by Whites, being on television shows created by Whites, or not being included on a list of recognition constructed by Whites. Equality would be having our own outlets to better represent ourselves (we have a few).

Malcolm X said:

If you can’t do it for yourself, what the white man is doing for himself, don’t say you’re equal with the white man. If you can’t set up a factory like he sets up a factory don’t talk that old equality talk.”

I agree wholeheartedly. Equality isn’t us being able to play in a game they created, or to be a part of movements they created. We can fight and fight to be included (still not equal), and if we are finally let in, we still won’t be seen as equals. If anything, it will build animosity and/or have us looked at in pity, as charity cases. I don’t want to be pitied, I want to be respected.

Imagine yourself on the sideline of a basketball court all day. On this sideline, you’re watching Michael Jordan in his prime playing one on one basketball with all worthy contenders and beating them. You watch him as he plays against Dominique Wilkins, Reggie Miller, and Joe Dumars, all people who have earned their respect on their own basketball courts to play against him. Then you, the spectator, walks on the court and challenges Michael Jordan. You very well could be a better ball player than him, even though he doesn’t know it. Instead of you going to a different court and earning your own name and becoming a known contender, you whine and talk about how you’ve been watching him all day and deserve a shot. If he accepts your challenge, you still aren’t seen as equal to him or his other contenders. You didn’t earn equality, you only earned inclusion. Even if you win, you don’t win, because others will say you didn’t earn it, you were pitied. If you win, they most likely will say “he let you win to make things fair”. You may beat him, but it will still be his court and you still don’t have one of your own. What is fair? What is equality? What is inclusion?

I, Nova Sankofa, don’t want to be included. I want to be equal. I want to be equal in every way. You will never see me or anyone who thinks similarly to me in the cold, picketing to the White man to be hired and used by a job he created. You will never see me attach myself to a movement not designed for me to only cry to them because I’m being treated unfairly in that movement. You will never see me cry about schools being closed down that only poison our childrens’ minds with eurocentric and White supremacist teachings anyway. You will see me trying to align myself with others to create our own jobs that sustain our communities and families. You will see me working with other people and organizations that have my best interests at heart and I don’t have to compromise my integrity for. You will see me trying in each and every way to diversify curriculums being taught in schools and eventually creating our own schools.



Nova Sankofa


This is Part 2



Be A Man (by @NovaGiovanni & @Al_Patron)

Nova Giovanni-

Hello, loyal readers. Al & Nova are back once again to share the knowledge we have collected throughout our travels. First, of all I love social networks because it gives a lot of people a voice. However, I hate social networks because it gives a lot of people a voice. There is a culture of men that I’m not used to that social networks has exposed me to. I don’t know how to put it in a nicer way, so I will just call them “the bitch ass nigga”. I, Nova Giovanni, have never been around bitch ass niggas. My mother, aunts, nor my female cousins have dated bitch ass niggas. However, this creature known as the Bitch Ass Nigga (scientific name: Bitcha CornaNigga) is dominating social networks. I guess it is because the bitch ass nigga talks so much. A bitch ass nigga really has nothing to offer but their opinion, and they have so many on an array of topics. The bitch ass nigga spent his childhood gossiping after church with his grandmother and their friends instead of playing backyard football, so he thinks he knows what a woman should be. The bitch ass nigga thinks because of him having the same kind of internet access as the real nigga that his opinion holds the same kind of weight. Negative, bitch ass nigga. Just because each tweet of yours counts toward your tweet count; that doesn’t mean your tweets count. Log onto NovaGiovanni.com and get some testosterone in your system. Ahhhh man!!! Tell’em, Al!!

Al Patron-

By no means do I believe I am perfect, I am far from it but what I do know is that I’m working on it & learning. I fancy myself as an adult or a “grown ass man”. Having said that, I feel responsible for teaching what I’ve learned & am learning. Not preaching what I have no idea about. Where in the man manual does it state that we gather up on social networks & pick on people, let alone females? I don’t have that version of the manual; I’ve must have missed that day in school. Our job as men is to protect women, not to gang up on them like school girls in a cafeteria. Instead of putting women down, try picking them up for a change. A real man stands alone on his own merit & refuses to blend in and become a member of this pseudo cult of personality. Being a man has nothing to do with advanced age & everything to do with taking care of responsibility without looking to be lauded for it as if it is a sacrifice. I come from a time & place where minding your business is standard practice, remember the old adage “don’t speak unless spoken to”? That’s what men subscribe to, not gossip columns & dirt sheets. I was taught that minding your business is more than just staying out of other people’s business and entails you literally minding your business. In other words, tend to your own shit before you have no shit to tend to. Stop exerting energy on negativity & start accentuating the positive. Insanity is doing the same thing over & over, yet expecting a different result. Stop acting crazy.

Nova Giovanni-

Hello, weak ass nigga. First of all, what kind of man are you? Are you a man at all? I almost want to call Sprint and cancel my service because of the things it has exposed me to. Grown men are getting on social networks and discussing the women they have had sex with. Perhaps, the Mayans are right and the world WILL end in 2012. Never in my long-legged life have I witnessed such fuck nigga shit. Aye, young man! If no one else has ever told you this, let me be the one; IF YOU ARE EVER IN DOUBT AS TO WHAT YOU SHOULD SAY – JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP! Yes, thats right. Keep your mouth shut, gossiping ass, weak ass, loose lips sink ships NIGGA!!! Your deadbeat dad would probably be rolling over in his jail cell if he knew how you as a man gossip like a woman.Ya’ll were the types to hang around a clique of women all through high school, cockblock all their boyfriends, and not smash nan chick. You niggas didn’t get punched in the chest enough growing up by ya big cousins & dope dealer uncles. Y’all so feminine. Seeing you bitch niggas roam around freely is why I respect lesbians more. A lot of you guys act like pussys anyway, they might as well go out and get the real thing (plus titties as a bonus! Who doesn’t like titties?!?!). Come on, I can’t even place myself in the shoes of one of you weak bitch niggas. What do you do during your day? Y’all grown men be sitting on the livingroom floor Indian style (cris cross applesauce) with each other, drinking moscato, & gossiping? Y’all niggas be laying in ya beds at night, falling asleep on the phone with each other while gossiping?

“You hang up first.”… “No, YOU hang up first.” -Gossiping Niggas On The Phone With Each Other

Grow a set of nuts… Nova Knows…

Al Patron-

I fully understand that I may come off as condescending but my intention is never chastise or chide, rather I want us men to take pride in self. Some people will take absolutely nothing from anything I say & may even want me to shut up but why would you want someone to shut up that you voluntarily listen to? This goes back to my earlier point of men accentuating the positive & ignoring the negative. For example, I’m not a fan of Tyga’s or his music, I don’t go out of my way to make to bash him & draw attention to this, I simply ignore all things Tyga. I’m a Jay-Z fan, borderline stan, I’ll go out my way to let that be known because that man & his music mean something positive to my life. Being a man isn’t only about being able to put food on the table & keep the lights on (those are responsibilities & are a given, shouldn’t be celebrated). Being a man is doing whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it & not caring about the jeers, cheers or indifferent reactions. Men don’t do shit because they want everyone to agree with them because someone would be lying & who willingly needs adulation for some perverse sense of self sufficiency? Certainly not a man, at least this is what I was taught. Men also don’t do shit just to rile up a negative reaction from people as an attention seeking tactic, children & females do that, men are too busy being men to conduct themselves as children & females. Who cares how people feel about what you think or what you do? If it’s sincere, so be it. Caring about reactions just means that your persona is premeditated & nothing is more disingenuous than that. I’m a mid 20’s black male with tattoos on his hands & both sides of his neck, I don’t need anybody’s help perpetuating America’s negative stereotype of my image because though perception is reality, it oft times holds no substance. So be a positive contributor to my plight or be left on ground when I take flight.

“…and no man should be ok with being just basic.” – The Honorable Reverend Ray Lewis


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