“They Lootin’!!! AHHHH!!! Made Ya Look!!!” – @NovaSankofa

Ferguson Mo Quiktrip

I send my condolences to Michael Brown’s family and all people worldwide feeling heartache as a result of police brutality.

Now, I have something to say about the looting at the protests… … …

Fuck those stores!

The bad guys aren’t the people looting those stores. The real bad guys are the people putting liquor stores & McD’s there in the first place. It shouldn’t even be there. Every hood you go to, you can’t find a library or community center, but there are liquor stores and poisonous foods in abundance. Parasites in the community. Then Black folks are proud of people for protecting these business that tranquilize (liquor) and poison (McD’s) their own neighborhood, while the media pits the “good negros” against the “bad negros”.

1) Those aren’t Black businesses

2) Protecting the financial interests of “community outsiders” isn’t a win to me

3) There are better things that can be there.

A Black neighborhood in which the Black dollar isn’t circulating and “others” set up businesses is basically a colony. There should be no surprise racist police are put in these places to protect the investors’ money. If you go to Chinatown in Philly, you don’t see chain stores, only Chinese business… and guess what? Chinatown also has a Chinese Police Dept, Chinese Fire Dept, a Chinese Bank, etc. Economic power IS power. It’s bigger than population, that is why there are whole Black communities that are powerless. For example, look at the Jewish community in this country. Small population but a lot of power, because economic power is a form of true power.

I’m not saying to loot or not. I’m saying that it doesn’t matter. Respectability politics won’t get us anywhere.

“Why didn’t you loot and you are protecting this store?”

“I wanted to show them we ain’t all ignorant niggas”


Getting beat upside the head, shot in the streets, and still trying to earn the favor of people who will treat you like less than a dog anyway. Risking your own wellbeing to protect a LIQUOR STORE, a parasite of the community, to “show them” you’re better than the rest of your people.

Cut the bullshit.

In the grand scheme of things, none of this takes away from the fact an unarmed Black man (Michael Brown) was murdered by a police officer last week. In the midst of all this media hoopla, let us keep that in mind (ironic I say this after this long post, but I didn’t intend for it to be this long. I didn’t even intend for it to be a whole post). No amount of liquor stores or hair supply shops can justify what happened to this young man. The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.


-Nova Sankofa


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Grow Up and Settle Down by Nova Giovanni

Hello, loyal reader. Nova Giovanni is back with more Ramen Noodle Soup for your Soul. Aren’t you tired of playing the field? It’s only a matter of time before your luck runs out and you contract an incurable STD. One night of fun can have your vagina leaking guacamole for days on end (so I’ve heard). Condoms aren’t 100%, and some of you won’t learn that until your penis is bumped up like a nutty butty.

Do you want to be the 45 year old in nightclubs, wearing outdated clothing, getting laughed at and denied dances? Of course you don’t. Think of yourself as a car. As soon as you leave the lot (become an adult), your value begins to depreciate with every mile (year) you put on. Do you really want to be rented out person by person, tallying up more and more miles, to never feel the love of a serious owner? Would you like to be retired in a nice garage or a lowly junkyard? Ladies, unless you become very wealthy; you depreciate twice as fast as men. Fellas, your sexual organs stop working like they used to as the years go by. Time is ticking.

Wouldn’t you like to have a family, spouse, and stability? Monitor the single people on social networks and television. Now, count the complaints; they are astronomical. The single life is fun at first, but after people reach a certain age is when you can hear the bitter undertone in their voice. Eventually, it seems as if their insecurities get the best of them. Their excuses for being single goes from “I’m single by choice and don’t need a relationship to be happy” to “I can’t find someone on my level” to “I can’t trust anyone enough to give them that much power in my life”, ending in a lifetime of loneliness. It turns into you being 70 years old, in a home full of (__insert_type_of_dirty_pet_here___) and your children and siblings ignoring your phone calls because they are busy enjoying THEIR families. Don’t be THAT person. Nova Knows.

I’ve said all of that to say this… GROW UP! Grow up and do what grown people do; be responsible adults. Get a family, have some children, raise them responsibly so they can help this world somehow. No, your family and/or spouse won’t be perfect; no person or situation is. However, we’re like puzzle pieces – not perfect squares that fit beside one another. Us as puzzle pieces have uneven corners and blank spaces, but with enough concentration we can fill those with the strengths of those we surround ourselves with and build these families with. Thus, bettering the world as a whole. Don’t you want to better the world?

“We are the world.” – Catholic Priest Michael Jackson

I Love You,
Nova Giovanni

 Nova Giovanni is owner and head writer at www.NovaGiovanni.com and also the author of the underground classic “Ramen Noodle Soup for the Soul”, available at www.NovaGiovanni.com/book for only $2.99
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The Top 5 Reasons Why I PREFER Black Women by Nova Giovanni


Hello, loyal reader. Before I begin this list, I’d like to state the fact that it is possible to like one thing without disliking the other and I am fully capable of this feat. Therefore, my reasons for preferring Black women in no way automatically means I dislike women of other races.

The following is only five of MANY reasons why I (Nova Giovanni) prefer to date Black women. I’m sure there are a lot of men who share the very same sentiments:

1. A Black Woman Can Relate to “The Black Experience: As a Black man, there are certain things we experience that other races don’t. Even our thinking is different, and a Black woman can relate to it. If I’m driving and a police car is behind me, I get nervous. A Black woman won’t ask a seemingly (to me) dumb question like, “why do the police make you nervous if you aren’t breaking the law?

2. Black Women Season Their Food: Most Black women season their food in a way that is pleasing to my taste buds. Before you accuse me of perpetuating a stereotype, remember that there is a bit of truth sprinkled in most stereotypes (sprinkle, seasoning – you see what I did there? Lol). Furthermore, coming from a multicultural family, I’ve seen this stereotype proven true time and time again. Put a blindfold on me, sit me at a cookout table, and witness me taste the difference between my White aunt’s and my Black aunt’s potato salad.

3. Black Women Have Brown Nipples: I prefer brown nipples (remember, this article is about my preferences). Pink nipples remind me of pepperonis. I hate pork!!! Enough said.

4. I Love Black women’s Hair: I love it all, ever texture and length. I love every kink, curl, and hue. Even if it is weave. You paid for it, lady. Mix and match it, glue and stitch it, show off your arts and crafts skills. Show the world you creativity has no limitations, Black woman!

5. I Love a Black Woman’s Strength: Going back and reiterating the point made in the foreword, this doesn’t mean women of other races aren’t strong. However, Black women emit a different kind of strength. Turning on the television, logging onto the internet, or opening a magazine and seeing that the world isn’t playing fair when it comes to you is enough to hurt the average person’s self-esteem. Not a Black woman though. Most of the Black women media broadcasts is the image of an obnoxious, lazy, and/or dumbed down woman. In my personal life, I know and have dated way more professional, intelligent, and career having Black women than what popular culture depicts. I’m not even going to speak in depth about the slew of Black men who attempt to make Black women feel uncomfortable in their own skin (that would be a whole separate article.) Brothers, we can prefer to date outside of our race without attempting to hurt the egos of Black women in the process. Nova Knows.

I Love You (even if you’re not Black),

Nova Giovanni

Nova Giovanni is owner and head writer at www.NovaGiovanni.com and also the author of the underground classic “Ramen Noodle Soup for the Soul”, available at www.NovaGiovanni.com/bookfor only $2.99

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It Takes Courage to Love by Nova Giovanni


Hello, loyal reader. By looking at the title you probably assume this article will be a combination of unrealistic concepts of love, blended with a dash of corny rhetoric, and sprinkled with generic phrases. WRONG!
Let me start by reiterating the main point; it takes courage to love. Think about it, any coward can “casually date” or “pull hoes” (that’s EASY). It takes a special kind of person to let their guard down, over come insecurities, and love someone we aren’t obligated to even care about. We see a man with multiple women, and the common consensus is he is a lucky guy to be so successful with women. However if he was TRULY successful with women, he would have (successfully) found ONE to make his partner. Perhaps his own uncertainties won’t let him. Maybe his heart was broken when he was younger and now his self esteem is permanently bruised. I used to look at these kinds of men with admiration when I was younger. Now, I’m an adult and feel sorry for them. I feel sympathetic for them because they will never get the kind of love from dating several women that they’ll get from settling down with one woman. Although the example I’ve given is of a man, this topic is not gender specific and applies to women as well. Quality is always better than quantity. Nova Knows.

Let us not be mistaken. “Settling down” doesn’t necessarily equal love. Love is about letting go of all your preconceived notions about relationships and giving someone a fresh start in your life. Love is about not carrying the baggage and hurt from past relationships into your new one. Love is not about being bootleg private investigator and validating your confidence in someone by constantly checking behind them. Love is not about being apprehensive in trust because someone violated you or took your love for granted in a past relationship. Love is about always having the best interests of your partner at heart and having faith they do the same. Only loving yourself and family – anybody can do that! Grow up and love someone, be an adult for once.

I Love You,
Nova Giovanni

Nova Giovanni is owner and head writer at www.NovaGiovanni.com and also the author of the underground classic “Ramen Noodle Soup for the Soul”, available at www.NovaGiovanni.com/book for only $2.99

Twitter – @NovaGiovanni

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