We Don’t Want To Be Included. We Want To Be Equal. | Nova Sankofa


This should go without saying, but inclusion is not equality. If I had a nickel for every time I saw my Black brothers and sisters online, on television, or in magazines, in an outrage for not being included – I’d have enough to buy 40 acres and a mule. They say they want equality, but equality isn’t winning awards given out by Whites, being on television shows created by Whites, or not being included on a list of recognition constructed by Whites. Equality would be having our own outlets to better represent ourselves (we have a few).

Malcolm X said:

If you can’t do it for yourself, what the white man is doing for himself, don’t say you’re equal with the white man. If you can’t set up a factory like he sets up a factory don’t talk that old equality talk.”

I agree wholeheartedly. Equality isn’t us being able to play in a game they created, or to be a part of movements they created. We can fight and fight to be included (still not equal), and if we are finally let in, we still won’t be seen as equals. If anything, it will build animosity and/or have us looked at in pity, as charity cases. I don’t want to be pitied, I want to be respected.

Imagine yourself on the sideline of a basketball court all day. On this sideline, you’re watching Michael Jordan in his prime playing one on one basketball with all worthy contenders and beating them. You watch him as he plays against Dominique Wilkins, Reggie Miller, and Joe Dumars, all people who have earned their respect on their own basketball courts to play against him. Then you, the spectator, walks on the court and challenges Michael Jordan. You very well could be a better ball player than him, even though he doesn’t know it. Instead of you going to a different court and earning your own name and becoming a known contender, you whine and talk about how you’ve been watching him all day and deserve a shot. If he accepts your challenge, you still aren’t seen as equal to him or his other contenders. You didn’t earn equality, you only earned inclusion. Even if you win, you don’t win, because others will say you didn’t earn it, you were pitied. If you win, they most likely will say “he let you win to make things fair”. You may beat him, but it will still be his court and you still don’t have one of your own. What is fair? What is equality? What is inclusion?

I, Nova Sankofa, don’t want to be included. I want to be equal. I want to be equal in every way. You will never see me or anyone who thinks similarly to me in the cold, picketing to the White man to be hired and used by a job he created. You will never see me attach myself to a movement not designed for me to only cry to them because I’m being treated unfairly in that movement. You will never see me cry about schools being closed down that only poison our childrens’ minds with eurocentric and White supremacist teachings anyway. You will see me trying to align myself with others to create our own jobs that sustain our communities and families. You will see me working with other people and organizations that have my best interests at heart and I don’t have to compromise my integrity for. You will see me trying in each and every way to diversify curriculums being taught in schools and eventually creating our own schools.



Nova Sankofa


This is Part 2



You Are Not Special And That Is Okay by Nova Giovanni


In a world that tells us we are all unique and special and can be anything we want to be, it isn’t hard to tell that the world is lying. Look at how many people are into the same things, believe the same lies, aspire (and many times never become) the same person. Are you in denial about your mediocrity? There is nothing wrong with being normal. I know the trend is “weird is cool” right now, but is it really? To appear weird is cool, but most people really aren’t too accepting of those who REALLY are weird. I was once riding the DC Metro train (red line, for those curious) and saw a man in the back take a dump in the back of it and wipe his ass with a newspaper. That was weird, but very uncool. Why? Because there is a sense of normality most of us possess of what is acceptable and what isn’t. That is why we dress a certain way, speak a certain way, and even conduct ourselves a certain way. There is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with being normal. Who says you have to be this millionaire musician who will probably end up suffering from depression and become addicted to some hard drug? Who says you have to be this intellect that wears ankh and studies everything Egyptian even though your ancestry may not trace back to Egypt at all? Who says you have to be an entrepreneur in this flailing economy in which people are spending less and less because they have less to spend? Who made these rules to being part of the unruly? A lot of people force all of these things anyway… the musician that really doesn’t know music, the intellect that collects and takes pics of books but have never opened and actually read them, the entrepreneur that really isn’t very entrepreneurial. It is because a lot of the people projecting these images of themselves aren’t these people at all. Attention is a helluva drug. Amen.

Truth is, most people are very generic in their thinking, logic, goals, and aspirations. Most people think normally and will die very normally. No, you probably won’t do anything that those outside of your circle see as significant. That is okay. After your death, you will probably only be remembered by your immediate family for a few generations. That is okay. You will probably live a very mediocre life, most of us do. That is okay. I’m not saying not to try to excel or be different if that is who you are. However, if you’re not, don’t beat yourself up about how average your life is. Average is, well… Normal.


Nova Giovanni


“Thinking Out Loud” coming soon…

Guns Don’t Kill Black Boys. Hate Does. : Why Gun Reform Won’t Help The Hood.


by Nova Giovanni

Caution: I will use the word “hate” a lot. Reader discretion is advised.

Guns don’t kill Black boys. Hate kills Black boys, whether through police violence murdering innocent Black youth or Black youth killing each other. It is all hate. Hate causing an environment of prejudices which justifies police and non-Blacks taking authority into their own hands killing our young brothers because they are seen as disposable. Hate causing our young brothers to kill each other because they don’t value themselves or their futures. What will gun control do to fix that? Not a thing. If there were no guns, hate will pick up a knife and kill. Hate will throw each other off of balconies. Hate will suffocate, poison, sabotoge, or kill through vehicular homicide. It isn’t the tools that are to blame, it is the person that minds need to be changed so they don’t feel a want or need to kill. Besides, gun reform would only control those already looking to buy guns in a legal way. How many 16 year old shooters in the hood bought their gun legally? It won’t even keep guns out of the hoods, some of these guns are just as old as the people shooting them. Instead of getting rid of the guns, let’s get rid of the inclination to want to even use those guns.

We need to work on our culture and create an environment of love and self-control. If a 17 year old runs into the streets of a “rival neighborhood” and shoots at other young Black men, that isn’t just murder (or attempted murder), it is assisted suicide. It is assisted suicide because by committing that action he is also showing he doesn’t care about his own life or future and he is willing to deal with the consequences of his reckless actions. Self hate will have you less patient with those who resemble you, it will have you doing drugs and poisoning your body, self hate will have you kill. Self love will have you more patient with those who resemble you, it will make you take care of your body better, it will have you preparing for your future. We create self love by valuing ourselves. We value ourselves by knowing ourselves. We know ourselves by knowing our history and our capabilities. After knowing our history and capabilities, we create higher expectations for ourselves. With self love, value, knowledge of self, and high expectations, the things we can achieve are endless.

Guns Don’t Kill Black Boys. Hate Kills Black Boys.

I Love You.

Nova Giovanni


What are your thoughts?

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Do We Hate Ourselves?! by Nova Giovanni


I was driving through West Philadelphia last week listening to a song promoting drug use, rape culture, and random acts of violence. Which song? I can’t remember the title of it, but I’m sure you can think of at least a thousand rap songs that fit the description and use it in place of the example I have given. It was a perfect 72 degrees out, so I rolled down my windows, and turned the music up like I’ve done a hundred times in the past. However, this time was different. I actually LISTENED to the lyrics and felt irresponsible and enabling by projecting this message on others by turning up the volume. This is in no way an assault on rap music, I have been listening to it since I can remember. I know rap has provided a lot of opportunities and jobs to people who wouldn’t have had it if it wasn’t for the music genre. Furthermore, I know the message in these songs are only an outward manifestation of what is happening inside of the artists and/or the success it garners reflects the mindsets of the people liking and buying it.

There are all types of rap music, but which is most popular and why? It is the rap music promoting drug use, rape culture, random acts of violence, and everything else detestable to the tune of a catchy hook and nice instrumental. Some will give a conspiracy theory like, “that is all the White man signs record deals for and promotes.” Even if that claim is the case (which I’m not debating or supporting), there is no denying that it is popular. Why would such filth be so popular unless we are in a way filthy ourselves? When we really think about it with an analytical mind, we may see things differently than before. Don’t you find it kind of uncivilized to go to a nightclub and dance to music and have “a good time” to music telling us to kill ourselves and each other? DO WE HATE OURSELVES?! Of course we don’t (I hope we don’t), but our actions sometimes say otherwise. I’m not saying we should stop listening to this type of music, but with a new way of thinking comes a new way of walking. Hopefully, we can put (or keep) this kind of entertainment where it belongs and see it for what it is – entertainment. We should allow no rapper or entertainer spewing self-defeating rhymes provide us with a melodic blueprint for how to live righteously or right. Nova Knows.

We have to see the bigger picture when looking at smaller issues. I won’t make this a long and detailed post by going into detail about why and how self-defeating behavior and self-hatred is promoted and popular among us (see video below). However, let us look at what purpose it serves. When we use drugs, kill each other, and demean women, someone gets paid in some way. Whether it is the drug dealers (not talking the young man you see on the corner, but the millionaire businessman with the boats and connections), the criminal justice system (police, lawyers, judges, correctional officers, etc.), and so on and so forth. Enslaving our minds has proven to be just as profitable as enslaving our bodies.

We are only free in this country to do the wrong things. We say freedom is being able to do what we want to do-but ask yourself – What makes you want to do a thing? Your wants and desires have been induced. What we want and desire maintain the system of domination and destroy us as a people. Our problems, behavior etc. have a political and economic function. – Dr. Amos N. Wilson


Nova Giovanni


He’s Mr. Wrong… But You’re Ms. Something Is Wrong With Me Too by @LaughCruz

By Dave Cruz


This goes out to the beautiful girls…


Too often I hear statements which echo a similar sentiment, something along the lines of:

Oh I just know he’s my Mr. Wrong, but it’s so hard to turn away from him…”

If you’ve heard a statement like this before from a female friend, coworker, or family member, then you know of the age-old story which depicts a female who is apparently aware that her male partner is “Mr. Wrong;” a guy who has no redeemable qualities, and serves no positive purpose in her life.

Quite often, this so-called Mr. Wrong also happens to wreak havoc in this female’s life by cheating, misusing her money and time, causing a riff(s) within her family, and never valuing her opinion/worth. This causes her to deal with constant emotional distress, and leads her to the understanding that he is indeed, a “Mr. Wrong.”

If the fact that men like this exist isn’t bizarre enough, we find an equally bizarre set of circumstances when it comes to said female’s handling of Mr. Wrong. To the average logical human being, it is 100% clear at this point in the story that Mr. Wrong should be ejected from the woman’s life, thus ending her emotional distress and freeing her from all the trouble he has caused her.

But no! According to these women, it is “too hard to turn away from Mr. Wrong” because there is some mysterious, unexplainable force keeping them from ever breaking up with him. So, we often find the female putting up with Mr. Wrong’s nonsense – while consistently adjusting her lifestyle and her psyche so that she might fit him into her life in the most comfortable way possible, all because there is “just something about him.”

To this strange phenomenon I offer a simple, yet important solution:


Cut the crap, hoes.


Do you really think that all of us in the world are as dumb as you are to believe that there is a so-called Mr. Wrong in your life, but you can’t seem to push him away because there’s something about him? Do I look retarded?

There are two major issues at play here, and the first concerns this idea that you, as a female, can recognize and acknowledge the fact that this man is Mr. Wrong in your life but yet you refuse to remove him.

Nothing (and I mean NOTHING) is dumber than hearing someone say that they KNOW something is bad for them, but they can’t get rid of it.

Tell me, woman: if you had a cancerous tumor in your body, and you KNEW it was going to kill you, would you keep it around because there was something unique and interesting about the tumor? According to your Mr. Wrong equation, the answer is yes. “Oh there’s something so mysterious and unique about the way this tumor makes my body sick and forces me to get chemotherapy. Even though I hate being bald now, there’s something about this tumor that I can’t put my finger on… (Especially since I’m too weak to move my fingers now anyway).”

Again, if this guy is so wrong, anyone in their right mind would not hesitate to drop the mufucka like the New Year’s Eve Ball at Times Square. But not you. You don’t have a right mind.

Which leads me to my next issue…

Implicit in a statement like the one mentioned above is the idea that this “Mr. Wrong” is with a woman who is apparently a Ms. Right… Right?

I mean, how else would he be a Mr. Wrong if you weren’t the Ms. Right he was never meant to be with? If you were Ms. Wrong, you wouldn’t be complaining about Mr. Wrong ‘cause y’all obviously got married, since you carry his last name and all.

See, the problem herein lies with the notion that this guy happens to be such a screw-up, but you honestly believe that, on the flipside, none of your screws are loose.


The fact is: He may be Mr. Wrong, but you, young lady, ain’t Ms. Right.

You are Ms. Something Is Wrong With Me Too.

The sooner you can understand this, the better off you’ll be. In no way am I discrediting the idea that this man in your life, despite all his hang-ups, may be special to you in some way. If we refer back to my example: it’s true, you might actually LIKE tumors in your body, who knows. Hey, go nuts. I don’t care. Some people enjoy pain, and some people just don’t know what’s best for them.

However, I will not allow you to believe that you are this “Ms. Right” who deserves my pity and attention because you’re unfortunately stuck in some inescapable whirlwind of confused love. Stop that bullshit. You’re just as fucked up as he is, and you should embrace it, like the crackhead who holds up a sign saying “Please give me money so I can buy more crack. God Bless you.”

I respect the honest crackhead more than I respect the delusional crack pot who thinks she’s right and he’s wrong. If he’s a thief, you’re his getaway driver. If he gets a 740 on his SATs, you’re the fucked up calculator he was using during the math portion of the test. If he’s out on the street eating peoples’ faces, you’re the one in Rite-Aid buying his bath salts. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and in this case y’all ain’t right at all. Y’all are just one big ass Wrong.


In closing, I quote Mary J. Blige from her song, so aptly titled, “Mr. Wrong”:

Me and Mr. Wrong get along so good (so good)
Even though he breaks my heart so bad (so bad)
We got a special thing going on
Me and Mr. Wrong (mister wrong)
Even if I try, no, I never could
Give him up cause his loves like that
Ain’t no way that I’m moving on
I love my Mr. Wrong

Well spoken, Ms. Blige.

That’s why your dumb ass will never be Aretha Franklin. R-E-S-P-E-C-T bitches!

With Love,


Dave Cruz


p.s – This was not written to be a humor piece. This is something that actually bugs the shit outta me.

p.s.s – If you have a friend like this, please feel free to let her know, explicitly, that she’s a dumb ass. This is ok for two reasons; a) it’s true, so who cares what she thinks, and b) you’ll be fine because she’ll probably do some dumb hoe shit in response anyway, like post an angry status on Facebook about the whole situation, i.e. “Deez NUT a$$ b!xtchez oUt huRr qoinq @ MAH nek BuT dEY ScAreD 2 C mee inn da sTreeTz doe”

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**Special thanks to Nova Giovanni for being a great resource, and an inspiration to share thoughts with people all around the world

Black Will Always Be Beautiful by Ayana Ellis

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But I’ve long since grown suspicious of what it is today’s black man is finding beautiful. It seems as if the black woman is not on their list of beautiful things and I’d like to know why.

Now I can get into the whole theory of black men having self esteem issues if they don’t love the black woman or maybe they don’t love their mother because they don’t love the black woman, but I’m not trying to go that deep.  This issue is not even a deep issue. I think that today’s black men are a bunch of followers, a bunch of dick riders who can’t seem to think for themselves. Today’s black male is so caught up in material bullshit, image, mockery, fuckery and disrespect toward women period that not only do they have no respect for females, they have no respect for themselves.

Now let me back track. I’m aware of the fact that WOMEN these days have no respect for themselves either. Between instagramming pictures wearing nothing, sending pussy pictures to strangers on twitter, having your ass facing the camera in every picture just to get some attention, sucking his dick before you even know his last name and idolizing reality tv stars, shit is fucked up out here. (Most) women have lost their morals to either a) conform to society’s vision of them b) gain acceptance from these weak Negroes who really believe that hoes are winning or c) they have no self-esteem in the first place because of how they were raised because we all know half of today’s woman is being raised in single parent homes. But that’s a whole other demon.

Over all, carrying yourself like a whore seems to be way more accepted than carrying yourself like a  lady these days and my question is, why is that the black man LIVES to crucify black women for every thing they do but its okay for other races to do the same, yet you either turn the other cheek or make excuses for it. Whether gold digging or hoeing, if a black woman does it, she’s all kinds of scum of the earth and you’ll hear a chorus line of men saying, “That’s why I don’t fuck with black chicks because…..” YET if someone of another race does it,  the black man is the first one to be in line to get down with the program, making “it acceptable. Why is that?

If a woman of another race gets “ass shots” its not a problem, but let a black woman enhance the size of her ass, she’s a dumb bitch, she just wants attention, she has low self-esteem etc. Why is that? I think that the Black Woman slander is played out. I believe that (most) black men are just hiding behind the fact that they are puppets and slaves to society’s opinion of black women and instead of standing up for us, standing beside us and walking proudly with us and our imperfections, they join the peanut gallery of naysayers and put us down as well, not because they believe the hype but because they don’t believe in themselves.

Your preference is your preference but I refuse to believe that half the black men walking around with mixed breed women are doing so by choice. I strongly believe that this decision is made based on wanting to fit in.  If Kanye, Jay-Z and every other rap star walked around with 100% black women, the majority of these men would do the same. (Most) Black men need to learn to think for themselves and stop trying to fit in. Every woman isn’t a model and every black woman doesn’t have a bad attitude nor is she a gold digger. As women we all have the same angle when it comes to men yet, the black woman is always being slandered and its corny already.

Black will always be beautiful, there is no disputing that and when loving the black woman and showing her respect becomes trendy enough maybe the black men who think that black women aren’t worthy will hop on that bandwagon and start acting like they have some damn sense. But don’t be mad when the black woman doesn’t want your ass anymore.  Shit, half of us have had enough and is well on our way to the other side.
Who’s to blame?

Ayana Ellis



With novels such as the Gritty but Triumphant “Full Circle” which is based on her life as a Domestic Violence victim, Ayana Ellis has proved that she can roll with the big boys of literature. (read more)

Be A Man (by @NovaGiovanni & @Al_Patron)

Nova Giovanni-

Hello, loyal readers. Al & Nova are back once again to share the knowledge we have collected throughout our travels. First, of all I love social networks because it gives a lot of people a voice. However, I hate social networks because it gives a lot of people a voice. There is a culture of men that I’m not used to that social networks has exposed me to. I don’t know how to put it in a nicer way, so I will just call them “the bitch ass nigga”. I, Nova Giovanni, have never been around bitch ass niggas. My mother, aunts, nor my female cousins have dated bitch ass niggas. However, this creature known as the Bitch Ass Nigga (scientific name: Bitcha CornaNigga) is dominating social networks. I guess it is because the bitch ass nigga talks so much. A bitch ass nigga really has nothing to offer but their opinion, and they have so many on an array of topics. The bitch ass nigga spent his childhood gossiping after church with his grandmother and their friends instead of playing backyard football, so he thinks he knows what a woman should be. The bitch ass nigga thinks because of him having the same kind of internet access as the real nigga that his opinion holds the same kind of weight. Negative, bitch ass nigga. Just because each tweet of yours counts toward your tweet count; that doesn’t mean your tweets count. Log onto NovaGiovanni.com and get some testosterone in your system. Ahhhh man!!! Tell’em, Al!!

Al Patron-

By no means do I believe I am perfect, I am far from it but what I do know is that I’m working on it & learning. I fancy myself as an adult or a “grown ass man”. Having said that, I feel responsible for teaching what I’ve learned & am learning. Not preaching what I have no idea about. Where in the man manual does it state that we gather up on social networks & pick on people, let alone females? I don’t have that version of the manual; I’ve must have missed that day in school. Our job as men is to protect women, not to gang up on them like school girls in a cafeteria. Instead of putting women down, try picking them up for a change. A real man stands alone on his own merit & refuses to blend in and become a member of this pseudo cult of personality. Being a man has nothing to do with advanced age & everything to do with taking care of responsibility without looking to be lauded for it as if it is a sacrifice. I come from a time & place where minding your business is standard practice, remember the old adage “don’t speak unless spoken to”? That’s what men subscribe to, not gossip columns & dirt sheets. I was taught that minding your business is more than just staying out of other people’s business and entails you literally minding your business. In other words, tend to your own shit before you have no shit to tend to. Stop exerting energy on negativity & start accentuating the positive. Insanity is doing the same thing over & over, yet expecting a different result. Stop acting crazy.

Nova Giovanni-

Hello, weak ass nigga. First of all, what kind of man are you? Are you a man at all? I almost want to call Sprint and cancel my service because of the things it has exposed me to. Grown men are getting on social networks and discussing the women they have had sex with. Perhaps, the Mayans are right and the world WILL end in 2012. Never in my long-legged life have I witnessed such fuck nigga shit. Aye, young man! If no one else has ever told you this, let me be the one; IF YOU ARE EVER IN DOUBT AS TO WHAT YOU SHOULD SAY – JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP! Yes, thats right. Keep your mouth shut, gossiping ass, weak ass, loose lips sink ships NIGGA!!! Your deadbeat dad would probably be rolling over in his jail cell if he knew how you as a man gossip like a woman.Ya’ll were the types to hang around a clique of women all through high school, cockblock all their boyfriends, and not smash nan chick. You niggas didn’t get punched in the chest enough growing up by ya big cousins & dope dealer uncles. Y’all so feminine. Seeing you bitch niggas roam around freely is why I respect lesbians more. A lot of you guys act like pussys anyway, they might as well go out and get the real thing (plus titties as a bonus! Who doesn’t like titties?!?!). Come on, I can’t even place myself in the shoes of one of you weak bitch niggas. What do you do during your day? Y’all grown men be sitting on the livingroom floor Indian style (cris cross applesauce) with each other, drinking moscato, & gossiping? Y’all niggas be laying in ya beds at night, falling asleep on the phone with each other while gossiping?

“You hang up first.”… “No, YOU hang up first.” -Gossiping Niggas On The Phone With Each Other

Grow a set of nuts… Nova Knows…

Al Patron-

I fully understand that I may come off as condescending but my intention is never chastise or chide, rather I want us men to take pride in self. Some people will take absolutely nothing from anything I say & may even want me to shut up but why would you want someone to shut up that you voluntarily listen to? This goes back to my earlier point of men accentuating the positive & ignoring the negative. For example, I’m not a fan of Tyga’s or his music, I don’t go out of my way to make to bash him & draw attention to this, I simply ignore all things Tyga. I’m a Jay-Z fan, borderline stan, I’ll go out my way to let that be known because that man & his music mean something positive to my life. Being a man isn’t only about being able to put food on the table & keep the lights on (those are responsibilities & are a given, shouldn’t be celebrated). Being a man is doing whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it & not caring about the jeers, cheers or indifferent reactions. Men don’t do shit because they want everyone to agree with them because someone would be lying & who willingly needs adulation for some perverse sense of self sufficiency? Certainly not a man, at least this is what I was taught. Men also don’t do shit just to rile up a negative reaction from people as an attention seeking tactic, children & females do that, men are too busy being men to conduct themselves as children & females. Who cares how people feel about what you think or what you do? If it’s sincere, so be it. Caring about reactions just means that your persona is premeditated & nothing is more disingenuous than that. I’m a mid 20’s black male with tattoos on his hands & both sides of his neck, I don’t need anybody’s help perpetuating America’s negative stereotype of my image because though perception is reality, it oft times holds no substance. So be a positive contributor to my plight or be left on ground when I take flight.

“…and no man should be ok with being just basic.” – The Honorable Reverend Ray Lewis


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